Why Does the Grocery Stores Insist on Playing Old Music?

Music for Grocery Shops

We often mention the importance of background music in retail shops as in our article “Achieve Higher Sales in Your Store with Right Music” .

Following is a nice article about the music in grocery stores by Jesse Sendejas JR at Houston Press. Jukeboxy’s Founder and CEO, Orhun Oguzulgen contributed to the article by sharing his knowledge about the music choices in retail shops

Why Does the Grocery Store Insist on Playing Old Music?


If you’re in the grocery store today, listen to the music, as the Doobie Brothers once sang. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll actually hear the Doobs singing that very song once you tune into the subtle, but important music soundtracking your shopping excursion. In an era where social media watchdogs warn how your data might be used to influence you in all sorts of sneaky ways, practically everyone we asked understands and accepts that music in grocery stores is there to control what and how much you put into your shopping cart. 

But what is it about older music that appeals to so many shoppers?

“There are a few reasons but the most important one would be songs from that era bring up the fond memories of ‘the good old days,’” explained Orhun Oguzulgen, founder and CEO of Jukeboxy Music for Business, which provides licensed music to retailers. “When people hear songs that remind them of good memories, they feel more connected with the brand and their shopping behavior changes, in a positive way for the retailer.”

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