Achieve Higher Sales in Your Store with Right Music

Music for Retail Shops

Numerous research shows that the tempo of music in retail shops has an influence on customer pace and how quickly they move in the store. It also has a big influence on the volume of sales. 

Fast or Slow Tempo Music? 

Fast or up-tempo music will move your customers quickly. On the other hand, downtempo music means shoppers will move more slowly. If you want your customers to spend more time in the store to look and subsequently, buy, then downtempo music would be recommended. If you own a smaller store and prefer more in and out customers then we recommend fast tempo music in your retail shop. 

However, it’s not only the music tempo that retail shops should take into consideration, but it’s also the type of music genres they stream. 

Which genres to play in retail shops?

It’s important for business owners to provide the music their customers would like to listen to. The music played should also reflect their brand’s character. If your store attracts younger generation, upbeat popular music would be a good choice. On the other hand, if your customers are older generation, classic Rock or Oldies would be a wise choice. In the USA, every state has their favorite genre or genres. A popular genre for New Yorker’s may not be a favorite one for the Californian’s or because a song is #1 in Billboard doesn’t mean it should play at every store across the country. 

Our music curators created a map that shows which genres made the top of the list in each State in 2018. 

Knowing Your Target Market is Important

It’s very important to know your target market and utilize this powerful marketing tool effectively. Confusing or don’t know where to start? Not to worry, Jukeboxy’s expert curators are here to help you to find the right sound for your shop. Contact us today to discuss your business’s music needs with our curators, you won’t regret it. 

Jukeboxy is available in IOS/Android/Amazon Tablets, Windows and Mac computers, Sonos Speaker Systems and Alexa enabled devices. Jukeboxy Player Box, our dedicated hardware, is also available for purchase when other options are not available. Offering our players in multiple platforms provide cost-effective commercially licensed background music to every budget and size of business. 

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