Christmas Music for Business

Christmas Music in Business

‘Tis the Season

The holiday season is around the corner, businesses will start to play Christmas Music soon. In this article, we will be sharing our knowledge on how to use Christmas Music right to keep your customers and employees happy.

christmas music for retail store

Music played in stores has effects on both shoppers and your employees.

Most businesses use background music to attract customers which has a direct effect on consumer behavior. However, research shows that music played in companies has a remarkable impact on employees’ motivation as well. Hearing a few Christmas songs while shopping is festive for the shoppers. How about the employees? Not so much! Hearing the same songs over and over for long hours is not festive or fun. It’s actually demotivating for them. 

Christmas music is not just “Let It Snow” or “Jingle Bells” anymore.

Before the digital music age, businesses were limited to play only a few Christmas albums in repeat for more than a month. The same songs sung by different artists played over and over and over. Times have changed, and we now have access to new Christmas songs in different genres. Businesses can easily mix different styles of Christmas music to bring variety and perhaps some enthusiasm to their customers and employees.

Different Types of Christmas Playlists for Different Types of Businesses.

If you own a retail shop that caters to a younger generation, playing a Christmas soundtrack from the 1970s will not make your young shoppers happy. Or, playing Christmas Classics or Carols in a beer garden would not be the right choice either. Luckily, there are Christmas soundtracks available in different genres like pop, rock, jazz, and country. New Christmas songs become available every year by young artists like Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara and Jonas Brothers. 

Choosing the right kind of Christmas playlists for your venue will help your customers to stay longer at your business. Providing fresh content will also improve your employees’ well-being and motivation during the Holiday season.

Christmas Music in Business

How Can Jukeboxy Music for Business Help Your Company?

Jukeboxy has always been focusing on both sides of your business. Your customers and your employees. We always say, “Happy Employees, Happy Customers.”

When playing music at your business, consider your employees as well, they are the face of your brand after all. When your employees are happy and motivated, they will service your customers better. 

Jukeboxy has the most extensive song library in the industry – over 40 million songs – with the largest playlist count, which is over 300 playlists. With Jukeboxy Music subscription, the music at your business will have ASCAP music license, BMI music License, SESAC music license along with Indie Labels. 

For Holiday Season, we offer clean Christmas playlists like Pop, Jazz, Carols, Classics, Country, Rat-Pack, and more. We also have Christmas music in different languages like French and Latin. Customers have the option to mix multiple playlists at their Manager’s dashboard to offer variation and less repetitive holiday and Christmas music. Most importantly our playlists are explicit free and songs are carefully chosen for the best experience. Did you know that there are explicit Christmas songs? 

Be Unique – Mix & Match Playlists

One thing we learned from our customers’ behaviors over the years is mixing Holiday music with non-holiday music is also an option. And, it works very well with the customers and the employees.

Since you can include as many playlists as you want in the Jukeboxy scheduling tool, why not mixing your favorite Jukeboxy playlists with some Holiday soundtrack? Your customers and employees will hear just enough amount of Holiday music to feel festive and they will also acknowledge the uniqueness of your business. Win-win!

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