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Music For Restaurants

Enhance your dining experience with Jukeboxy's delightful music for restaurants. Immerse your guests in a harmonious ambiance that elevates their enjoyment and keeps them returning for more.

Jukeboxy In Your Restaurant

The influence of music in restaurants, whether they are fast food chains or fine dining establishments, is significant. Music shapes the overall dining experience, sets the mood, and enhances customer satisfaction. In fast food chains, upbeat and energetic tunes create a vibrant atmosphere, encouraging quicker turnover and boosting the perception of a lively dining environment. Conversely, fine dining restaurants often go for soft and soothing melodies to cultivate an elegant and relaxed ambiance, allowing clients to savor their meals in a more restful manner.


The tempo and genre of music can influence the pace of dining, with faster rhythms potentially leading to shorter meal durations, while slower tempos encourage diners to linger, indulging in the sensory delights of the culinary journey. In addition, the right music can evoke specific emotions, subtly shaping customers' perceptions of the food and overall dining experience. In both fast food and fine dining settings, carefully curated playlists can reinforce brand identity and create a memorable and cohesive dining environment that fosters a positive emotional connection with customers. Whether creating an energetic buzz or an elegant retreat, the strategic use of music remains a powerful tool for restaurants to fascinate their customers and create an extraordinary dining adventure.

Elevate your restaurant's dining experience with Jukeboxy's captivating music solution. Our expertly curated playlists, diverse music library, and easy-to-use scheduling features allow you to set the perfect mood for your restaurant, delighting customers and enhancing their overall enjoyment. Whether it's a cozy dinner or a lively brunch, Jukeboxy has the right tunes for every moment. Join the growing community of satisfied restaurant owners and take your dining establishment to new heights with the power of music. Subscribe to Jukeboxy today and discover the difference it can make for your restaurant.

Weekly Scheduling

Enhance your restaurant's ambiance with Jukeboxy's versatile online dashboard. Create a weekly auto-play schedule from your computer anywhere in the world, effortlessly curating the perfect musical experience. Mix an unlimited number of playlists in each time slot, ensuring long hours of non-repetitive and fresh music that captivates your diners. With Jukeboxy, transform your restaurant into a harmonious haven that leaves guests delighted and eagerly returning for more memorable dining experiences.

Mood and Genre Selection

Jukeboxy's extensive music library offers restauranteurs various choices to perfectly match their ambiance and brand identity. This rich selection ensures that restaurants of all types can find the ideal music to suit their unique concept, whether it's a lively fast food joint or an upscale fine dining establishment. The continuously updated popular music guarantees that playlists remain current, fresh, and non-repetitive, enhancing the overall dining experience for customers. With a wide range of moods and genres, restaurants can effortlessly create the perfect listening experience that resonates with their customers.

Licensing and Compliance

With Jukeboxy, restaurants can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their background music is fully licensed and compliant with various music industry regulations. This comprehensive coverage includes licensing from major performing rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, GMR, and SoundExchange in the USA, and SOCAN and Re:Sound in Canada for background music streaming rights. Additionally, Jukeboxy offers licensing from major and independent record labels, providing a diverse and legal selection of music that perfectly complements the restaurant's ambiance, creating a captivating dining experience for guests. Whether it's a bustling fast food chain or an elegant fine dining establishment, Jukeboxy ensures restaurants can create the ideal atmosphere while remaining compliant with copyright and licensing requirements.

Manager App

Jukeboxy Music's Manager App offers restauranteurs the convenience and flexibility of controlling their music on the go. With the ability to download the app from their device's app store, restaurant owners and managers can effortlessly manage and curate the perfect musical experience from anywhere in the world. Whether at the restaurant, at home, or on the move, they have complete control over the music, allowing them to adapt the ambiance to suit different dining periods and customer preferences. This seamless and easy-to-use app helps restaurants to create an inviting and attractive atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience and leaves a lasting impression on their valued guests.


Non-Repetitive Curated Playlists

Jukeboxy's expertly curated playlists are designed to ensure that customers visiting the restaurant have a captivating and fresh musical experience, avoiding any sense of boredom from repetitive tunes. By curating diverse playlists tailored to the restaurant's ambiance and customer preferences, our music curators maintain a pleasant rotation of songs, keeping the auditory journey exciting and engaging. With access to a wide range of genres and tracks, our curation services guarantee a unique and customized sound for the restaurant, creating an immersive environment that enhances customer satisfaction and fosters lasting loyalty. Say goodbye to repetition and hello to a dynamic and enjoyable musical atmosphere with Jukeboxy's expert playlist curation.

Broad music licensing for business use (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, SoundExchange in the USA, SOCAN and Re:Sound in Canada)

Early Morning Ambiance
Playlist for a Relaxing Morning
Jazzy Brunch
Mix of Jazz and Trip Hop Music
Lounge Music
Chilled Acid Jazz & Trip Hop
Popular Country Hits
Country Hits from Popular Artists
  • Genre exclusion

    Exclude specific genres from your playlist to create an experience that perfectly complements your brand identity. Genre exclusion feature allows you to streamline the playlists to suit your business better. Whether you prefer a lively atmosphere or a more laid-back setting, you can shape the musical experience for your customers, ensuring every moment is accompanied by the perfect background music.

  • Business and family friendly playlists

    Discover playlists suitable for both business and family settings. You can find versatile selections that suit the diverse tastes of your customers, creating a family-friendly and inclusive musical atmosphere for everyone.

  • Centralized multi-account management

    Efficiently manage multiple accounts from one centralized dashboard for streamlined control. You can manage all your locations with one login under one dashboard, allowing you for swift adjustments to the music in individual locations or across the entire network.

  • Remote Control App

    Take control of your business's music remotely from anywhere in the world with the Jukeboxy Music Manager App. Take charge of your playlists with convenience and flexibility, ensuring your desired atmosphere is just a tap away, no matter where you are.

  • In-store audio messaging system

    Enhance your in-store experience with our audio messaging system. The service is available to all subscribers on the online dashboard. Easily upload your own branded messages to play seamlessly between songs, all at no extra cost.

  • +45 Million Tracks

    Access an extensive library of over 45 million tracks for various musical choices. Jukeboxy features licensed music from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR libraries. Our database ensures a diverse selection, constantly refreshed with the latest popular tracks, keeping our playlists current, fresh, and free from repetition.

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