ASCAP Sues 13 Venues Nationwide – How To Comply with the Copyright Law?

Jukeboxy Music for Business

Every day, Jukeboxy receives calls from worried business owners who have been contacted by one of the PRO’s (Performance Rights Organization) about their background music licenses. Unfortunately, there are so many businesses nationwide that are not aware of the consequences of using unlicensed background music services at their businesses. Most of these businesses use Spotify, Pandora or other personal use music services. They often think that it’s ok to use these services at their businesses because they are paying a monthly subscription fee. However, the reality is the complete opposite.

Music For Business

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music are all great services, but they are not meant for businesses, they are for our personal use only. We understand that building your own music library or playlists is a great way to create the right ambience at your business, but it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Every year, businesses nationwide face legal actions because they are using unlicensed background music. On February 26th of this year, ASCAP took legal action against 13 venues across the country. Why? For unlawful public performance of its members’ musical works. You can read more about it here at ASCAP’s website.

How can you avoid a legal action from these organizations? Subscribing to Jukeboxy Music for Business will help your business to comply with the Copyright Law. It will also help you to achieve high-quality, non-repetitive, business and family friendly music at your business. Our 45+ million song library allow us to provide playlists to all types of businesses in a variety of genres, decades, mood and tempo. 

To make things easier for business owners, Jukeboxy created a program called “Transfer Your Own Playlist”. If you created a soundtrack or a playlist, you can transfer it to your Jukeboxy account for free and play it legally without worrying about any legal action towards your business. When you transfer your playlist, 100% of the tracks are matched and not filled with suggested songs. As we always say, “it’s your playlist after all”.

Let us help you to find the right sound for your venue and license your business’s background music.

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