Family-Friendly Music for Your Business

Explicit Music Filtering

Family-Friendly Music for Your Business. Have your customers ever complain about the music playing at your business because of not so family-friendly lyrics? 

Music is a crucial part of any business.

Good background music can and will help your business to achieve higher sales. But, it can also harm your business if it is not used correctly. 

If you are running a business where explicit music is a NO-NO, you do want to be extra cautious with the music service you choose. You may be unintentionally streaming explicit songs in your business. Especially, if you are using services like Spotify or Apple Music which are intended for personal use, not for businesses. Yes, these services provide “Explicit” content warnings, but up to a certain level. 

How Explicit Filtering Works at Jukeboxy?

We often hear the same question from the potential subscribers “Do you have explicit content filtering?” Our answer is simple “We do, and our explicit content filtering is the most reliable one in the industry”.  

How? You may ask. In 2015, we developed a state-of-the-art lyric checking and filtering system. Each track goes through multiple layers of content inspection to be tagged as clean or explicit before it makes its way into Jukeboxy playlists. 

For us, “Explicit” doesn’t mean just some curse words, it is also the context of the song. Lyrics that refer to situations or actions that aren’t suitable for all ages and businesses get the “X” from us and are being tagged as “explicit”, and in some cases, we decide not to include the track in our playlists at all. 

Did you know that there are Christmas songs that have explicit lyrics? We can imagine you wouldn’t be too happy when your customers hear an explicit Christmas song in your business. That’s why we take explicit content filtering very seriously at Jukeboxy Music for Business

How about businesses that do like to play explicit songs?

I can hear you asking “I have a business that my customers don’t mind hearing explicit songs. Does it mean we will never hear the original song?” Of course not!  

From Hotels to Retail Shops to Sports Bars and Restaurants,  different types of venues use Jukeboxy Music for Business. Some of our customers do want to include explicit content, therefore, we give full control to our customers to include or exclude explicit songs. 

Every account comes with explicit content “off” by default. Therefore, Jukeboxy customers hear family-friendly and business-appropriate tracks the moment they log-in to their Jukeboxy Venue Player. However, they have the option to turn the explicit lyrics on if they like to. 

Rest assured, music at your business is safe and customizable with Jukeboxy Music.