Why do Brands need to Pay Attention to In-Store Audio Advertising?

In-Store Audio marketing

The dynamics of marketing are changing based on recent research that claims decisions are influenced profoundly based on one’s emotional attachment to a particular environment and less because of rationality.

Therefore, it is significant that a company puts in a lot of effort to portray a positive image of its brand to the customers and hit their subconscious mindset. Business owners make sure when customers visit a store, they shall feel comfortable enough to shop in their comfort zone and feel relaxed at the same time. 

One of the significant contributors to provide this relaxed yet enchanting atmosphere is the music. Almost every store, hotel, restaurant, and bar have background music playing for their customers to create this atmosphere accordingly. It is the new norm for nearly all brands around the world.

Impact of Music on Customer’s Behavior

A recent article in frontier psychology suggests that slow-paced background music helps customers stay in the store for longer, which results in more sales. 

The pace of the music can directly influence the customer’s time spent at the store. It can also lead to having a positive impact on sales.

Music helps to engage customers in the store; it is a way to increase the brand’s value in customers’ eyes. Music is a business marketing strategy that creates an attachment with the customers and the brand, resulting in impulsive buying behavior.

What is In-Store Audio- Marketing?

There is a concept known as in-store audio advertising where customers in the store learn about the current promotions, latest discounts, and many other kinds of news related to the business through overhead messages. 

When customers are highly engaged in purchasing products they have in their minds, they hardly pay attention to the visual advertisements you have in store. Therefore, it might not generate the results that you are expecting. Research suggests that people retain 95% of a message when they hear it but only 10% when reading it in a text. 

For that reason, implementing in-store audio advertising can help businesses to generate additional revenue. 

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One of the advantages of in-store audio marketing is it can direct your customers to different aisles and particular products rather than what they have in their minds.

In-store advertising can also help customers engage with new products and learn about future promotions. Knowing what is coming will eventually lead them to go back to your store sooner than later. 

However, it is crucial to place engaging messages so that the customers are not put off because of it; instead, they shall be intrigued by it.

Engaging Playlists Tailored to the Atmosphere

When you go to a salon, you expect the music to be calm and soothing while getting facials or other treatments rather than feeling annoyed by the high-paced and loud music. 

Playing fast-paced or high-volume music in a spa environment would ruin the customers’ experience, and you would probably lose them forever. 

As we always suggest, the music should match the brand’s identity and the atmosphere. 

By combining soothing background music with in-store audio messages, a salon or spa can inform their guests of new services and promotional offers without irritating them. 

Customers who visit salons usually know what service they would like to receive that day. Typically, they don’t bother looking at the brochure to learn more about other offerings. Especially in this digital age, customers usually engage with their phones rather than looking around or engaging with the people. 

In this case, the business needs to find a better way to communicate its promotions and services with the customer. That’s where in-store audio advertising comes in. 

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Why Advertise with In-store Message?

Background music and overhead messages deliver information across customers’ subconscious minds by disturbing their active state of mind. 

Not to forget, overhead messages must be appealing, not disturbing. Depending on the business type, the messages should reflect the sound of your brand. If it’s a sports bar, the message recording should be upbeat, high-pitched, and fun. If it is for a spa, it should be soothing, low-pitched, and calm. 

When a company launches a new product, promoting it with announcements will direct your customers to these newly added items and generate additional revenue. 

Another reason businesses use overhead messages to promote new items or specials is that it is cost-effective. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a written advertisement, brands can record just one message and play it across all their locations. 

Overhead messages are also environmentally friendly. Tons of papers are used for written advertisements, which quickly goes into the garbage when customers leave the store. Can you imagine how many trees would be saved if every brand goes paperless for their promotions and use overhead messages instead? 

Let’s Get Started with Effective In-Store Audio Marketing

If applied correctly, in-store advertising can influence customers‘ overall experience and indirectly impact their purchasing decisions.

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