Why Digital Audio Advertising Should Be Your Next Marketing Move

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What is Digital Audio Advertising?

The goal of digital audio advertising is to reach consumers by including advertisements within their digital audio content, like business background music. This marketing strategy allows brands to connect with their in-store audience and create brand awareness, increased sales, and customer engagement. 

For nearly 100 years, radio has been the bread and butter of audio advertising. But times have changed. Audio advertising has evolved since radio first started. The ad industry long banked on catchy jingles to sell products, but the digital revolution created new possibilities. A century after the first radio commercial aired, digital audio advertising has become one of the most powerful advertising mediums.

Unlike radio or personal streaming platform ads, in-store audio advertising allows you to reach your target audience, design the perfect customer experience and engage consumers with your brand.

Traditional vs. Digital

The traditional way to deliver radio ads is to purchase airtime from commercial radio stations. However, it is usually expensive to advertise on the radio. It’s like casting a wide net; you reach many people but cannot properly track how many people listened to your ad. Additionally, it is a competitive market for brands and businesses to reach commuters driving to work in the morning slots, which is primetime of radio ads. Your business is also limited to a certain number of stations, shows, and time slots when buying ads.

Compared to traditional radio ads, digital audio ads are distributed via music streaming apps. A broader audience can listen to these nowadays than a car radio.

It is possible for advertisers to serve audio ads directly to their target audiences by selecting specific artists or podcast genres that correspond to their target audiences’ interests. As part of the distribution process, ads are placed at certain intervals throughout the stream. Since audio is streamed whenever people feel like listening, primetime timeslots are not a consideration.

Though we mostly think of audio ads as part of podcasts or music streams, there is another type of audio advertising that can be very effective: in-store messaging. This messaging strategy is a great option to promote sales, special events, or new products and services. You can also provide information about store hours, directions, and parking. By using in-store messaging, businesses can reach a captive audience that is already interested in your products. Consider this option if you stream music in your shop or business establishment.

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Benefits of Digital Audio Advertising in Your Business

The utilization of background music for business has increased dramatically in recent years, which is a powerful marketing tool that changes consumer behavior and helps in increased sales. In addition to business music streaming, digital audio advertising is gaining traction, another powerful marketing strategy targeting in-store customers. When the two marketing techniques are combined, you will see increased sales in no time. 

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Advertising in the digital world offers businesses a unique opportunity to reach their audience. Numerous advantages of this type of advertisement are:

Accurate Targeting

It’s true that a brand reaches out to millions of potential customers with radio or personal use music streaming platform advertising. However, these ads are not necessarily targeting a specific audience. In the USA, every region has different demographics and thus different likings. You are reaching the right audience with location and demographic-specific in-store audio ads.

Creates Impulse Buys and Upsells

Studies show that 2/3 of purchasing decisions are made in-store, meaning in-store audio ads can only help. It is no surprise that online impulse buying is rising in this digital age. However, research suggests that consumers carry out less impulse buying online than in a physical store. 

Products for which touch and smell are important, such as clothing, food, or cosmetics, consumers tend to impulse buy more in physical stores than on e-commerce sites. For that reason, implementing digital audio advertising should be included in your marketing strategy.

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A High Level of Customer Engagement

Many brands prefer digital advertising ads because they are more engaging and have a higher listen-through rate. Unlike video or online display ads, one can’t skip audio ads, and they can digest quicker since listeners only encounter one at a time. A study states that audio ads have a 24% higher recall rate than traditional display ads, even though humans are visual creatures. Advertisers can make a lasting impression on consumers by combining audience targeting and consumer-friendly ad placements.

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Brands that want to build solid and lasting relationships with audiences should consider audio advertising. Achieving your business goals is possible with custom digital audio ads.

Implementing in-store audio messaging to reach target audiences when other channels fail is a progressive way for brands to increase sales and create brand awareness. 

These reasons make digital audio ads an essential part of your marketing strategy for 2023.

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