How Does Music for Hotels Affect Consumer Behavior?

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How Does Music for Hotels Affect Consumer Behavior? ‘To be or not to be’ is a soliloquy from Shakespeare’s masterpiece Hamilton, where he questions life’s value. The same goes for music streaming in businesses. To play it or not. Does music influence shopping behaviors? Do buyers purchase more when they listen to favorite background music? Does music for hotels, restaurants, or retail shops matter? What does science say about it?

 Let’s find some insights into scientific studies.

According to a study in applied psychology, marketers use music as a ‘motivator’ to influence customers to spend more and make purchasing decisions quickly and effectively. 

The same studies found that proper ambiance – the design, scent, and temperature of the place- also becomes a decisive factor in influencing consumer behavior and making them spend more time and energy; therefore, they purchase more.

Music Genre Leads to Changed Perception

How Does Music for Hotels Affect Consumer Behavior? Music influences consumer behavior in so many ways. Musical effects will vary in different types of business establishments catering to the consumers’ age, gender, and personal likings.

According to a study at Cambridge University, people who listen to classical music seem to be more intellectual and wise.

Studies show classical music is also associated with sophistication and expensive taste. In a restaurant, diners are ready to pay more for the same wine bottle when they hear a classical soundtrack than when they hear other music genres. 

While you are selecting the music genre to play in your store, make sure you align it with the products you are selling and your target audience. 

For instance, you cannot play the rock music genre in your luxury products section. It doesn’t go well with the products you are selling and with your target market. The fact is expensive products always go hand to hand with classical and sophisticated music.  

On another note, when you play French music in a wine shop, you will find out that French wine is the consumer’s first choice that day; if you play German music, it will be German wine and so on. Businesses use this strategy to direct the consumer to overstock items. 

If you own a retail shop and millennials are your target customers, opting for upbeat popular music might do the work for you.

Popular Adult Contemporary from different decades will be a great choice if you are selling kids’ clothing. Moms and kids of all ages love popular music. By blending popular music from different decades will target all age groups in your store. 

Another study shows that shopping intentions in a women’s clothing store were greatest when consumers were exposed to happy songs. 

When consumers listen to music associated with their lifestyle, they are more likely to become return customers. It might not be the product that influenced their behavior but the pleasant environment they found in your store.

Pace, Tempo, Volume, and Consumer Reactions

How Does Music for Hotels Affect Consumer Behavior? Setting the right tempo and volume level in your business is as important as the music itself.

According to studies, slower and easy listening music slows down the consumer due to its stress-relief effect; thus, customers stay longer and purchase more. Slow and moderate music also tailors with mental and emotional aspects of life. 

It will result in increased sales, good revenue, high paying loyal customers, and a thriving business. But on the other hand, playing fast tracks in your business will result in quickly moving consumers. 

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Volume and tempo for music do not go with a ‘one-size-fits-all strategy. It varies with the concept of your business. 

For example, fast-food restaurants play high-tempo popular music with higher volume, which aligns with their restaurant’s concept. For a fast-food restaurant, table turnover is crucial; with a high tempo and higher volume music, they achieve exactly that. 

On the other hand, family-style, ethnic, or fine-dine restaurants opt for classical and jazz music to influence diners to stay longer and order more items from the expensive menu. 

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Wrong Music Choice and Consumer Behavior

Music for hotels and other businesses is of extreme importance; it is a budget-friendly marketing tactic. 

When you run ads on social media and write blog posts, consumers understand you are targeting them. But the best thing about music is that it influences the consumers without them realizing it.  

However, the influence can be both positive and negative. It depends on how well you are aligning music with your business. There are certain things you need to keep in mind to get the most out of the music in your store.

Music can help businesses to optimize their sales and generate profitable revenue. But the main point is the right music, at the right time, targeting the right audience.

According to a survey, 51% thought music should fit with the business’s profile. The same study found that 44% of the consumer would never visit the place if they find the music too loud or not suitable for the business’s identity.

If we pay attention to these results, music streaming for businesses is just inevitable. Even more crucial is, the music should match the psychological instinct of your targeted customers. 

Music is undoubtedly going to affect consumer behavior. But it is up to your choice. Are you driving their mood in your desired direction? 

Today, consumers have so many choices, whether in the retail industry, food & beverage, or hospitality, and the competition is not easy. With one wrong choice, you may lose your loyal customers. The same goes for the background music in your business. Many businesses fail to realize their wrong music choice can result in decreased sales and losing potential customers.

How to Decide on the Right Soundtrack for Business

Business owners have a lot to manage. Lead generation, focusing on profit-loss ratio, staff performance, marketing the products, and much more. They also need to keep an eye on their competitors’ moves and strategies. 

Hardly they can manage to focus on the perfect music for hotels, restaurant, or retail shop. But you cannot neglect the influence of music too as it can offer many positive outcomes that are good sales, improved staff performance, and cost-efficient marketing.

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