Venue Spotlight: CNB Bank & Trust

As we discussed in our other blog posts, background music is crucial for any type of business, including banks.

We had a quick chat with one of our customers Tim Bradshaw, Technology and Security Officer at CNB Bank & Trust and asked him a few questions about background music and Jukeboxy Music service.

Jukeboxy – Hi, Tim. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Can you please explain why playing music at CNB Bank & Trust is important?

Tim Bradshaw – In the banking industry, it is important to have background music playing to help cover up personal conversations in the teller area as well as in the offices.  

JB – Which other music options have you tried before Jukeboxy Music and what made you continue with the subscription to Jukeboxy after the trial period?

Tim Bradshaw – We have used a couple of companies for music such as Muzak and Play Network.  The music selections were not customizable like Jukeboxy is.  The music selections are so easy to select, mix and push out to the venue player and it can be monitored and controlled by the customer portal.

JB – How is the communication with Jukeboxy Music when you need assistance?

Tim Bradshaw – Our Jukeboxy representative monitors our players and they will let me know that a player is offline before I even know that it is down.  I couldn’t ask for better service.

JB – Would you recommend Jukeboxy Music to other businesses?

Tim Bradshaw – Yes, I have been very pleased with switching to Jukeboxy.  They have taken the load off my shoulders making sure that we are in compliance and the artists receive royalties as they should. 

JB – Would you like to add anything else?

Tim Bradshaw – Yes! Our company switched to Jukeboxy to provide background music in our banks to help cover up personal conversations on the teller line or in an office and our employees can also enjoy music while they are working.  In the banking industry, the ages of our customers vary and so does their taste in music.  With Jukeboxy, it has been so simple to mix different genres of music and keep everyone satisfied without offending or disturbing anyone.  It has been a great change for us and we expect to continue service for many years to come.