How Does Music Affect Business: The Impact of Music in Retail Shops

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How Does Music Affect Business: The Impact of Music in Retail Shops. Ever wondered why luxury hotels, fancy restaurants, and high-end spas always play soft background music in their sitting and dining areas? 

Why has music for retail stores, restaurants, or even hotels become a game-changer in today’s modern business world? 

The primary reason for this remarkable change is that music adds value to the time the consumer spends in a business establishment. Music also affects mood, increases energy levels, and changes consumer behavior.

Some businesses have higher prices than their competitors, but consumers still prefer spending time and money in these luxurious places. Why? Because their competitors lack proper ambiance. The decor, the lighting, the seating, and the music choices all make a difference in the ambiance.

High prices become secondary importance because of the service and atmosphere these restaurants and hotels provide their customers. The luxury standards, value addition, and desirability, i.e., beautiful interior designing, downcast lighting, and customized music themes, attract consumers. 

In essence, background music for businesses does matter as much as other aspects of a successful business. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Music in Your Store

Music Strengthens Your Brand Image

A strong brand image is a MUST to succeed in a world full of competitors. In today’s age of social media, like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, and other image-based visual advertising platforms are becoming extremely popular day by day. 

All it requires is pairing the proper sound effects with the brand’s identity and aligning to customers’ needs and interests because, in the end, your customers matter the most.

Music helps to brand your business in the following way;

  • It creates your separate identity
  • Engages consumers
  • Attracts them to spend more time in your business
  • Builds an emotional connection with customers

Chances are a consumer may forget the excellent customer service you provided or your social media ads, but he will not forget the soundtrack he listened to in your hotel or restaurant because music triggers the psychic instinct and affects our visceral nervous system.

Music Boosts Customer Loyalty – Music for Retail Shops

If your business achieved brand recognition in your respective field, you must have done things right and created customer loyalty. But if you are still struggling with it, look for the loopholes where you failed to resonate with your loyal customers. 

Music connects customers to a specific brand on the emotional and psychological level. 

Did you know it is 50% less costly to strengthen your loyalty with existing customers than to make new ones? Music marketing is becoming one of the most effective techniques to improve your customer-loyalty with your existing customer. 

Here are a few insights from a study that will change your perception of the effectiveness of music streaming for businesses. 

  • 96% of consumers will remember the brand when it is associated with particular music aligned to its brand identity. 
  • 24% of them will make another purchase from a brand attached to the music they liked and enjoyed

Companies invest a lot of time and resources in marketing research and pay less attention to branding their product through music – a cost-effective and productive technique to improve customer loyalty

Music for Retail Shops

Music in retail stores is as important as its visual appearance. Usually, people spend lots of resources to improve the store’s look,i.e., window display and interior design but do not focus on the soundtrack. 

According to a public survey about music in public places showed:

  • The complete absence of music in a retail store will result in negative consequences
  • Up to 40% of respondents said they would react negatively if the retail stores have no background played
  • 35% of old and 50% of the young respondents said they would stay longer in the store with the right musical effects
  • 11% agreed to purchase more, and 31% showed interest to revisit the place

Music does not only affect your customers, but it also brings positive or negative mood swings in your staff’s behavior. It is to your advantage not to neglect your staff’s motivation, as it can decrease their work performance, resulting in poor customer service.

Music in the retail store and shops also depends on what kind of product you are selling. For instance, if you are selling local brands, then playing foreign music may not produce adequate results. 

The same goes for stores that target teenagers. Why would they listen to your 19th-century classical music while shopping for the latest PS5? It doesn’t resonate with their taste. Right?

On the other hand, if you own a flower shop, opting for Classical Music will generate returning customers because flowers nourish one’s soul and the same for classical music. When the music matches your business, you will have loyal customers forever.  

 Some Essential Tips for Best Music in Retail Stores:

  • Do not play randomly; choose the music that reflects your products
  • Align the music with the time of the day; playing rock music may not be a good idea in the early morning.
  • Your customers may be visiting your business after seeing your social media ads; create a soundtrack that aligns with your ads. If your ads are reflecting happiness and high-energy, then choose playlists that are upbeat and positive.

· Work on creating music zones; do not play a single type of music in every space of your store.

What Type of Music Should You Choose?

Knowing how significant a role the music plays in business growth and development is a great start; however, you should also know that picking the wrong playlist can result in dissatisfied customers and revenue loss.

It may also cause your loyal customers to leave from your restaurant, spa, or retail store earlier than usual, resulting in low and poor sales.

On the other hand, the right music will encourage people to stay in your business longer and enjoy the atmosphere you have created with the perfect soundtrack. 

Classical music is usually associated with sophistication and luxury. If you provide the customers with both, the chances are it will capture their attention, and they will come back to your business frequently. 

A study conducted in a retailer store found that soft, jazzy music can inspire customers to purchase an expensive bottle of wine because it triggers their psychological instinct.

Here are some scenarios you should consider while selecting the right kind of music for your restaurant, hotel, or retail business.

  • The time of the day; what mood do you want your customers to be in after they step in your business space? Do you want them to feel energized in the morning, or do you want them to feel relaxed after a long day?
  • Matching the music with your brand identity and the products; the genre should associate with what you are selling
  • Knowing your target market, what’s your customers’ demography? Music choices differ from generation to generation
  • Repetitive music can negatively impact your employees. Playing regularly updated playlists will motivate your employees; therefore, they will assist your customers better.

A study claims that when brands align their content and advertise with music that fits their identity is more likely to be revisited by customers.

Associate a particular type of music with your business. It will build up a brand image of your business in the coming years. 

Mental satisfaction matters more to customers. If you are a restaurant owner, running a spa, or owning a retail shop, music is a perfect budget-oriented strategy that can enhance your sales and generate loyal customers.

Many businesses fail to benefit from it as it requires proper sound management and relevance to the demography of the people who visit your business. 

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