Does Music Increase Business Sales?

Have you ever imagined a world with no music and no sound effects? Well, we neither. Music has been a part of our lives for thousands of years. Music plays a significant role in our lives and affects all of us. 

Businesses use many strategies to attract new prospects and customers through marketing. These strategies include social media ads, hiring influencers for promotions, and offering customer loyalty programs.

But a potential yet low-cost marketing tactic is usually overlooked, and that is the indoor environment of your business. In-store music can increase your sales as it affects your customer’s decision about what to buy. 

If you have ever been to a luxury or high-end spa, you probably noticed that they spend a lot of time and money improving the ambiance. They also focus on enhancing the enchantment of the surroundings.

The quality of interior designing, subdued lighting, and overhead music in spas never fail to impress the customers. 

Music for businesses has become pivotal in 2020. Being a customer, would you ever want to visit a spa lacking all these glamorous features? 

Can you relax and feel the benefits of your treatment or massage in a poorly designed space and noisy atmosphere? 

Therefore, business coaches and marketers have been using background music as a business strategy. This approach aims to increase brand value in the consumer’s eyes.

In short, music does add value to businesses and helps in increasing sales! 

Customized Musical Playlist

Music for restaurants is a MUST; if you own a busy restaurant, you already know that consumers face uncertainty about how long they have to wait and experience stress during the waiting period. If you are already playing background music in the waiting area, that’s great, but are you playing the right soundtrack? 

Because it is not about the music only, it’s about the perfect music matching the atmosphere. 

The same goes for when diners are seated. If you play repetitive pop songs that don’t match your restaurant’s vibe and identity, your customers will finish up their meal fast and leave without looking at the dessert menu or ordering an expensive bottle of wine. 

Remember, you’re not playing music for yourself; you are playing music for your customers so they can enjoy the time spent at your restaurant. Therefore, understanding your clientele and playing the right music that matches your business matters the most. 

Therefore, a customized musical playlist is essential, varying to your customers’ choices and interests. You can reach out to your loyal customers and ask what kind of music they would like you to play. 

You can ask them their personal choices and schedule playlists accordingly. 

When you take their opinion into account, it will make them feel valued, and it will result in loyalty and increased revenue. 

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Right Tempo of Music

Yes, music can increase sales, but it can also affect music sales negatively. Many studies have shown the wrong type of music negatively affects human behavior. Shoppers will be quick to shop and leave without exploring other products or slowing down their pace and purchasing extra items. It all depends on the kind of music played in the shop. 

Relaxing music will slow down the pace of customers while they are shopping. It encourages them to stay a bit longer in the store and spend more on products. On the other hand, fast tempo music will make them purchase what they have on their lists without exploring and perhaps purchasing more. 

A study on restaurant music shows that slow-paced and low-volume music encouraged customers to eat slowly and spend more on alcohol and wine.  

On the other hand, fast and high-volume music led customers to eat in a hurry, resulting in rapid table turnover. 

Playing only slow music in a restaurant does not always promise a good revenue. It depends more on the time of the day and the clientele.

For instance, for a fast-food restaurant chain, you would want your customers to eat quickly. Therefore, playing a fast tempo and energetic playlist would be ideal. However, if your restaurant attracts an older generation, Jazz or Classical music would be a perfect choice. 

For that reason, setting the right tempo and rhythm of the music in your business will have a direct effect on increasing or decreasing music sales.

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Effects on Consumer Behavior

Music has the power to change the mood of consumers and affects their mental and emotional aspects. Music never remains neutral. It always brings positive or negative effects on consumer behavior.

If you are a coffee shop owner, you know that people visit you to relax and spend quality time; it could be for a business meeting, a date, or just chilling with friends. 

A cozy atmosphere, coupled with some easy listening genre played in the background, can make them happy and boost your music sales. 

Tracks with harmonic transitions and cheerful vocals would be a perfect setting for coffee shops. People can both enjoy the music and have conversations with their friends. 

When you succeed in making your customers feel comfortable and stay longer in your coffee shop, they are more likely to try different items from your menu during their visit. 

What Type of Music Should You Choose?

Knowing how significant a role the music plays in business growth and development is a great start; however, you should also know that picking the wrong playlist can result in dissatisfied customers and revenue loss.

It may also cause your loyal customers to leave from your restaurant, spa, or retail store earlier than usual, resulting in low and poor music sales.

On the other hand, the right music will encourage people to stay in your business longer and enjoy the atmosphere you have created with the perfect soundtrack. 

Classical music is usually associated with sophistication and luxury. If you provide the customers with both, the chances are it will capture their attention, and they will come back to your business frequently. 

A study conducted in a retailer store found that soft, jazzy music can inspire customers to purchase an expensive bottle of wine because it triggers their psychological instinct.

Here are some scenarios you should consider while selecting the right kind of music for your restaurant, hotel, or retail business.

  • The time of the day; what mood do you want your customers to be in after they step in your business space? Do you want them to feel energized in the morning, or do you want them to feel relaxed after a long day?
  • Matching the music with your brand identity and the products; the genre should associate with what you are selling
  • Knowing your target market, what’s your customers’ demography? Music choices differ from generation to generation
  • Repetitive music can negatively impact your employees. Playing regularly updated playlists will motivate your employees; therefore, they will assist your customers better.

A study claims that when brands align their content and advertise with music that fits their identity is more likely to be revisited by customers.

Associate a particular type of music with your business. It will build up a brand image of your business in the coming years. 

Mental satisfaction matters more to customers. If you are a restaurant owner, running a spa, or owning a retail shop, music is a perfect budget-oriented strategy that can enhance your music sales and generate loyal customers.

Many businesses fail to benefit from it as it requires proper sound management and relevance to the demography of the people who visit your business. 

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