How to Grow Plants Faster? With Music!

Jukeboxy Music for Business

Did you know that plants grow faster when they hear music? In fact, a study by South Korean scientists at National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology suggests that plants can hear because they have the “genes”.

If you have plants in your office or own a flower shop, play some music in your business and watch how fast your plants grow.

Sound and Plant Growth

Research suggests that any sound, including music, helps plant growth. How? Vibrations from the sound waves stimulate growth factors in plants and also warn them from the predators. Remember the days when your mom was talking to the plants and you were wondering what is wrong with her? Apparently, she was perfectly fine. Moms always know better!

Music and Plant Growth

South Korean scientists at National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology played classical music in rice fields and discovered that the crops grew faster.

In another research, a group of plants were exposed to six hours of music and others were in a quiet room. The plants in “music room” grew faster than the “quiet room” plants.



It’s not necessarily the music that makes the plants grow faster. It’s the vibration from the sound waves, all sorts of sound, as mentioned above. However, isn’t it better if they hear music then not so pleasant sounds like cars, people walking around, etc.? Also, why leave them quiet when the nursery is closed? Play some music during off-hours in the nursery and watch how fast the plants grow.

Interesting Fact: Plants like having plant friends around!

It seems like, plants communicate with each other and listen to the vibrations of other plants. They grow healthier and faster when they have plant friends around. Also, research suggests that plants may let other plants know of danger around them like leaf eating insects. When other plants receive the “heads up”, they may stop growing until they deem it is safe to grow again. Isn’t it magnificent?


Music for Your Business


Jukeboxy Music for your Flower Shop or Greenery

If you own a flower shop or a gardening business, we can help you with your crops’ happiness and growth. Our curators can help you to schedule the right music for your business by day-part for the entire week. With our dedicated hardware, Jukeboxy Player Box, we can also schedule music volume levels by the hour. Higher volume when your customers are around and lower volume when your plants need some time to rest and grow.

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