Christmas Music for Businesses


You Don’t Need to Settle with The Ordinary Christmas Music.

How do you keep your customers engaged in the holiday season? It makes a difference whether you’re talking about a retail shop, a restaurant, or a hairdresser because the Christmas music season will be different for each of them. If you’re in retail, you probably want to keep them coming in and purchase more. Due to the nature of the business, a retail store wants to start the festive season and Christmas music much earlier than other businesses. They begin the Holiday season in November, the day after Thanksgiving, because they sell something different than a barbershop, pet store, hotel, or grocery shop.

You can notice how retail brands are increasingly embracing the prospect of music as a tool to help their customers connect with their brands. It’s no surprise that major retailers, such as Costco, Zara, and Target, actively use music streaming in their stores. That is because music is a crucial part of the retail experience, and retailers need to create an atmosphere that customers love. It’s appropriate for retailers to play Christmas music earlier than other businesses and, in some cases, through New Year’s Day. There’s a science behind the obvious. Why do we say this? Read on to find out.


Importance of Christmas Music for retail shops

Music affects our thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as our shopping behaviors. Positive emotions color our perceptions of our surroundings when we hear the music we enjoy. As a result, we judge merchandise favorably. Consequently, the happier we feel, the more likely we will stay in a store, look around, and find something we like, even if the item is not on our shopping list. Thus, an appropriate background music selection will increase sales and customer satisfaction.

The question, of course, is always what music to play in the background, especially when it’s Christmas. That’s what we’re going to reflect on below.

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Why playing the same old traditional Christmas music is not good anymore?

Christmas is the season of joy; baking cookies, wrapping presents, decorating trees, shopping for gifts, and family gatherings make the holidays one of the most memorable times of the year.

However, the music that accompanies all of this holiday spirit can get a little cheesy, and it gets even cheesier when played in the background at retail shops.

If you play a favorite song on repeat too frequently, it will eventually become a hated song. Scientists have discovered that a musical piece’s unexpected transition surprises the brain; therefore, that piece becomes a favorite song for many and becomes a classical hit. However, if the music lacks surprises, it loses its likability. During the holidays, hearing the same Christmas songs from the same artists over and over can lead to this all too quickly.

People enjoy listening to music for its own sake because it can be a ‘flow’ experience. Their attention is fully absorbed, distracting them from everyday concerns. The activity, though, should use a person’s skills in a way that is satisfying enough to make them feel ‘in the flow.’ The flow that comes from immersion in the music will soon disappear if the music is not sufficiently stimulating for the listener, leading to the music falling out of favor. Because of this, it’s essential not to repeat holiday music too much as this will diminish the holiday shopping experience.

Many retailers play traditional Holiday music, and it bores the consumer when they hear the same Christmas music everywhere. It doesn’t help your business at all, and your customers won’t be very enthusiastic if they’re listening to the sixth Jingle Bells or We Wish You a Merry Christmas that day. So what should you do? Forget playing traditional Christmas songs and fill your shop’s playlist with more modern, fresh Holiday soundtracks instead. They can be Christmas-themed, but don’t have them on the radio every hour. Additionally, many winter-themed songs are available; they are joyful, fun, and fresh to the ears.

Country, pop, jazz, you name it, believe us, many people will appreciate that you don’t play the same background music in your retail store that they hear everywhere else. Alternatively, you can mix regular playlists and holiday music in your retail store.


How can Jukeboxy help your business during the Christmas season?

With a discounted subscription to a business music streaming service like Jukeboxy Music for Business, for just $29.99 a month, your retail store can be the star of the Christmas shopping season for background music. We provide commercial licenses for your streaming soundtracks, so you don’t have to worry about being fined for tens of thousands of dollars for playing your private playlist on YouTube or Apple Music (we’ve seen it happen, unfortunately).

Extensive music library

With more than 45 million tracks, Jukeboxy has a vast music library. To make things even easier, we’ve also provided you with over 350 expertly curated playlists, including many Christmas ones. From Traditional to Jazz, Non-denominational to Christian Christmas, you can find the perfect Holiday background music at Jukeboxy. In just a few minutes, you can set up the fitting soundtrack for your business during the Holiday season and after.

Jukeboxy Music is available on Apple iOS, Android, Amazon Fire Tablets, PC and Mac computers, and Sonos speakers. You can also play it on Alexa-enabled devices. With multiple platforms available, you can select the best option for your budget and business. If you prefer wired and dedicated hardware for music streaming, our Jukeboxy Player Box is the perfect solution for your business.

Mix different types of Christmas music in the scheduling tool

Using the online and centralized dashboard of Jukeboxy, you can schedule a week of auto-play by day-part and from anywhere. It’s possible to mix an unlimited number of playlists in one day-part slot to create non-repetitive and fresh soundtracks for your business.

Exceptional service

Jukeboxy’s outstanding customer service makes it a popular choice for businesses. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you have direct access to your account representative for easy and fast communication. Our customer service team is on hand to help our customers via phone, live chat, or email 7 days a week, including the Holidays.


In the retail industry, Christmas is the most important time of the year. No retail business can afford to be left behind in innovation. This also applies to the appropriate use of background music to encourage shopping, which has received increasing attention in recent years. Jukeboxy can help you beat the competition in this space as well.