5 Reasons Why You Should Play Music in Your Store

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Have you noticed every brand outlet has some classical or jazzy music played in the background when we visit a shopping center?

Yet more interestingly, this phenomenon varies according to what time you visit. Usually, people shop actively in the evening. Hence the music you listen to is quite soft and lively at that time as compared to one played at noon. Thus, compelling people to stay a little more in the shop.

Simply, music for businesses matters! Because many businesses have succeeded through it and many will in the future.

Here are 5 reasons why playing music in your retail business will capture leads and attract potential buyers.

Music Stimulates Subconscious Mind of the Customers

Do you know music reduces the stress hormones in our body? You may never know what mood your customers are going through while they visit your store. They come by, make a purchase, and leave. 

Attracting them to advocate more in the shop should be the goal of every retail business out there and this is where music helps. Music can stimulate the subconscious mind of your customers, it can drive them to stay longer in your shop, and have the best experience throughout. 

Has your friend ever said to you, let us stay a bit longer, I am enjoying it here? Though you have already shopped for your desired product? It’s because our subconscious is always working at the back end.

Usually, customers know what items they have to buy from a retail shop and they hurry to do it. However, if your shop aligns music according to their sub-conscious needs, you are not attracting a customer you are generating a return prospect.

Music differentiates Your Image from the Others

Have you ever visited a shop with no dim light attraction, no background music, but a large heap of products placed at different sections?

What would you do? Visit, get what you want, and leave. Right? Increasing value and generating high revenue does not make you different from the rest, as everyone is doing it. 

It is the atmosphere you provide your customers every time they visit your shop because you want your customers to leave your shop with a friendly shopping experience. 

Shops with subdued lightings, soft background music, and beaming faces of salespeople always create a difference. This tactic is called atmospheric coined by renowned business professor Philip Kotler in 1973

Businesses need to understand that music is like interior design. It does affect the mood and behavior of consumers.

Music Resonates with Your Customer

It is not about playing music only, but more about what kind of music streaming suits your business is also of crucial importance. The type of music played in your store becomes a trademark of your business. It makes your image better from the rest. 

For instance, if you are selling gadgets, gaming equipment, and teenagers are your targets, playing jazzy or classic music may bore them and create a psychological effect on their memory and won’t return to your shop. 

But instead what about some mild pop songs aligning with gaming and tech?

Looking for music for your store? 

On the other hand, if you sell high-end jewelry, pop music will fail to attract to buy potential buyers. Therefore, playing sophisticated music in your store will give an elegant and classical tone, thus a perfect fit. 

It Increases Sales!

Science says music increases sales. How does it do it? According to a market survey by an independent journal, music has a strong effect on the purchasing decisions of customers. The study concludes if you choose the right music, it can boost sales.

Playing the right kind of music for your shops lets customers hang around in a relaxed and free mood. People do not buy out of their budget but it also depends on their mood. If they are willing to stay more in your retail store, (you have to give them the reason to stay) higher are the chances they won’t go empty-handed.

Perhaps this is one of the business tactics for the success of Walmart. They play their radio and align their playlist according to the atmosphere and behavior of their customers.  

Improves Visual Experience During the Shop

Have you ever watched a movie with no sound? Seems odd, right? Because without a sound our visual perceptions matter less. The same happens to us during shopping. Sometimes being haste, makes us forget the products we were supposed to buy. 

Music supports and enhances our visual experience during shopping. The best kind of music only creates a sensation in our subconscious mind without affecting consciousness hence improving our choice-making and memory. 

When people visit a shop, they already have a particular product to purchase but when they feel comfortable in the ambiance setting of your store, they are more likely to hang around and look for the items possibly new for them. 

It may or perhaps may not make them purchase more, but it will surely create a positive impact on their minds. Next time, your store will be the choice they will make without a second thought.

Creates a Calm Atmosphere

Quality of the atmosphere you provide your customers during shopping has been an important business tactic. 

If you provide customers with a calm and private shopping atmosphere where they can share opinions and comment on any product, you are a step ahead of your competitors. 

Background music for businesses can surely provide them the atmosphere they desire. Adjusting and changing in-store music speed, rhythm, and volume according to the time of the day and space of your customers is also a key. 

You also need to understand customers will visit your shop once a day or twice a week only but your staff is there all the time. Therefore, creating a calm atmosphere with background music will also improve their performance.

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