Finding the Best Music for Marijuana Dispensaries


As more states have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use, legal sales of cannabis in the U.S. grew by 46% in 2020 and 40% in 2021. As the market has expanded, dispensaries have become more sophisticated and streamlined to meet the changing market demand.

Dispensaries need background music that fits their more streamlined appearance and better addresses their expanding clientele. But where to start when finding music for cannabis dispensaries? In this article, we strive to show your business where to begin when choosing background music for marijuana dispensaries.

How many states have legalized both recreational Cannabis and Medical Cannabis?

Before even choosing a soundtrack for business use in the cannabis dispensaries, it is crucial to understand the laws and regulations around marijuana in your State. Currently, recreational use of cannabis is legal in 20 States, and medical use of cannabis is legal in 36 states and four territories.

Soon more states will allow for either medical, recreational, or both types of marijuana use. It is difficult to argue that opening a marijuana dispensary to meet this increased demand is a terrific idea.

cannabis store background music

Who is visiting the dispensaries?

Knowing your clientele is another critical area to consider before picking the perfect type of music for your dispensary. The base statistics appear to look like this:

Millennials – 51.5% (23-38)*

Generation X – 25.7% (39-54)*

Baby Boomers – 15.8% (55-73)*

Gen Z – 5.9% (23 or younger)*

*Paratheis specify each generation’s age range                                    

So, now that you know the age range of your clients, there is more to the story. Now, you would need to consider gender. According to research, men are much more likely to buy cannabis or cannabis-related products (ranging from 60%-67%). Men are also more likely to purchase recreational products, like marijuana concentrates (70%). On the other hand, women are likely to spend more on CBD products (66% more than men). A fun fact; a recent Nielsen Consumer Behavior Study has shown that 74% of people who purchase CBD products own dogs or cats. Who knew!? Maybe canine friends should be considered when picking the music for your business!

What music should you play in your dispensary?

Given the uniqueness of your business, addressing the question of what type of music for marijuana dispensaries you should play may not be easy.

First, let us address the elephant in the room. There is a common misconception that all people who use marijuana are “stoners” who only listen to music genres such as Hip-Hop/Rap or Reggae. Popularized mainly by modern pop culture in movies and rap song lyrics, this is simply nothing but a myth. In 2021, the people who use marijuana stretch over a wide range of cultures, religions, races, ages, everything! That is why most dispensaries should play a wide variety of music genres to accommodate vastly different groups of people. Especially in the states where marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use, it is important to play music that appeals to an array of clients.

Playing from a range of musical genres will allow your business to reach all types of clients without singling out any groups. Additionally, you may want to customize your business’s music genres to match your region. For instance, it would be more beneficial to play more pop-country hits in Colorado than in New York. It can be tricky to find the balance between appealing to a varied clientele and alienating some clientele by narrowing your focus too much.

On the other hand, if appealing to a particular population segment is your business’s goal, you can use music to help you do that. Suppose you are in a state where recreational use is legal, and you want to take over the niche market of the younger and hipper crowd that uses marijuana recreationally. In that case, choosing a genre that specifically attracts your target group is crucial.

For instance, in a more urban area, playing more Hip-Hop/Rap than Reggae would allow more success as you specifically target your demographic and location. If your business is located in a more rural or suburban area playing more Classic Rock or Country could aid in your success in that niche market.

Music for Marijuana Dispensaries

Finally, one last large group of dispensaries needs a slightly different approach. In states where marijuana use is only legal for medical use, the dispensary’s music shouldn’t be exactly like the music for the other dispensaries we have just talked about above. For the dispensaries selling marijuana exclusively for medical purposes, it is most beneficial to play soft background music regardless of geographic location.

When playing background music for businesses serving a medical needs clientele, a calming and non-intrusive atmosphere is best, and music plays an important role. Like a local pharmacy, the customers of a medical marijuana dispensary are going to collect their medication. It just happens to be marijuana as opposed to pills. Picking up a prescription is never a task that is for fun. It is just an errand that needs to be completed. Like any task that doesn’t require much mental effort, the music shouldn’t take much effort to listen to. The music should just fade into the back of the customer’s mind.

So, where can your business find the right music?

Just as there are many rules and regulations governing the marijuana dispensary business, many rules and regulations apply to the commercial use of music for your business.

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