Importance of Background Music in Hotels

Background music in Hotel is an integral part of a hotel’s brand identity, but many hotels aren’t aren’t using background music to their full advantage. If usеd strategically, the music played in your hotel can have a positive effect on your customers. It can also influence their decision to stay ther there again in future and spread word-of-mouth recommendations. But the music has to be coherent with the theme of the types of guests that the types of guests that the hotel is looking to attract.

Music for Hotels

Different Types of Hotels Require Different Types of Music

It wouldn’t make sense to play upbeat dance music in your hotel lobby when your target demographic is the older generation looking to spend a peaceful spa weekend in a relaxing atmosphere. Different types of hotels require different types of music and the mood of the hotelmay change based on the time of the day or the area that you’re in. So essentially, the music that you play will need to reflect the atmosphere that you trying to create for your guests and there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” playlist. And getting it wrong, can severely disturb your guests’ experience (as documented by the number of bad reviews on TripAdvisor complaining about the hotel’s poor choice in music).

Many urban hotels in metropolitan areas are trying to appeal to the millennial generation who are swiftly becoming a hugely influential demographic. The right music can encourage guests to linger in public areas and spend money on drinks and snacks offered by the hotel instead of taking their business elsewhere.

According to Music Works (the joint research initiative between PPL and PRS for Music):

75% of hotel quests like to hear music in the lobbies, bars, restaurants and public spaces.
78% of people who like music in hotels agree that it makes them feel more relaxed.
61% of regular hotel guests are more likely to consume more food and drink when they hear music they like in a hotel.
55% of people who like music in hotels prefer to meet colleagues or clients where good hotel music is being played.

The objective of any hotels is to maximize the profits made on-site beyond just accommodation booking and improving customer loyalty. For that reason, hotels often contain a restaurant, spa, gym, bar and a pool area. Music is a massively important element in making your guests feel comfortable enough to stay on the hotel premises. Therefore, music played at your restaurant or bar can influence restaurant sales and your customers’ dining behaviour.

What Music Should You Play In A Hotel?

The decision on what sort of music you should play in a hotel depends largely on the hotel. For hotels that are looking to attract a broad range of guests, generic music with mass appeal will work the best. Stay far away from polarizing styles of music such as hip-hop and electronic. Although both genres are great genres to play in retail shops and venues, it can be extremely off for the majority of your hotel guests.

In this respect, boutique hotels will have the upper hand as they tend to have a far more focused idea of what their guests will expect from staying at that hotel. Whether they’re a luxury boutique hotel, mid-range or budget hotel.

Boutique hotels are able to distinguish themselves from the larger chain hotels by establishing a unique style of brand. Through aesthetics and atmosphere (including the background music), they can use that branding to target a certain type of guest.

Chain hotels may struggle to do this so easily as there needs to be some consistency from site to site. For that reaseon, a generic approach commonly works best. But that doesn’t mean that music is any less important of a factor in creating a great hotel atmosphere. A lot of thoughy does have to go into the music played to be appropriate across all sites.

Background Music in Hotel: Playing Different Music in Different Areas in a Hotel

Hoteliers can tailor the musical experience for different types of guests by identifying the different objectives of each area of the hotel and designing a music profile to enhance the atmosphere of that area.

In the hotel reception, the background music tends to be quite subtle. Never loud or intrusive, but calm and pleasant. It should welcome new guests into the hotel and ease the transition between lobby to the different areas that branch off.

For themed hotels, the hotel reception music offers the perfect opportunity to introduce the theme to guests. Tropical sounds for a rainforest theme hotel, pan flutes for South American themed hotels, and so on. The iconic Hard Rock Hotel is quite possibly the best example of a themed hotel that uses music effectively to connect whit their guests.

In public spaces of the hotel with a more precise purpose, such as a bar or social area, the music will usually be upbeat and encourage a positive social atmosphere. But the genre of music, again, will depend on the hotel. From generic pop, to more sophisticated lounge music that enhances that luxurious atmosphere, and even grunge or rock if it suits that particular hotel’s guests. But the pattern between them all is, the music is usually upbeat and encourages conversation.

In a hotel spa, you want to keep the background music gentle and light. The music needs to soothe your guests, and keep them calm and relaxed. It needs to be consistent and comforting, with no unexpected changes in style, to enhance your guests’ spa experience. The music played will be a complete contrast to the high tempo music you’ll be playing in the hotel gym.

Why Should Hotels Subscribe to Jukeboxy?

If you’re looking to enhance your hotel’s atmosphere, Jukeboxy Music For Business will provide your hotel with a legally compliant music service tailored for your hotel’s type. We can help to curate a bespoke music profile for your hotel, and you can use the Jukeboxy’s online dashboard to remotely manage the music played at what time at an individual site or across the whole estate.

Here are few reasons to subscribe to Jukeboxy;

  • Commercially Licensed Background Music

Hotel music licensing can be costly. Licensing all zones with different PRO’s costs thousands of dollars in a year for an average size hotel. Jukeboxy offers a comprehensive licensing solution, covering all four major Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) including BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and SoundExchange as well as major and Indie record labels. As a result, by choosing Jukeboxy Music for Business, you can rest assured that the music playing in your establishment is properly licensed and that musical artists and publishers will receive the credit they deserve.

  • Music Management Ease and Convenience

Jukeboxy is a state-of-the-art music streaming service for any business that plays music for its customers. Our service is available in mobile, tablet, MAC and PC computers, Sonos Speaker Systems and Alexa enabled devices. We also offer a dedicated hardware player box when other options are not available in your hotel. Offering multiple platforms to stream music in your hotel gives you the freedom to find the most suitable option for your hotel and budget.

We provide smart tools such as the scheduling tool, multi-account dashboard for centralized control, remote control app and musch more that allows users to manage the music at their business effortlessly.

Dedicated account managers who will always be a phone call or an email away to help you with any music need you might have.

  • Large Music Library and Cost Effective

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