A Guide to Jukeboxy’s DJ Set

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Refresh your business’s musical style with different types of genres.

Looking for a reliable music streaming platform that fits your business can be exhausting. The variety in prices, number of licensed songs, features, and the massive lists of music genres all add to a very overwhelming experience. We understand this, and we want to aid you in making a decision. Your company stumbled upon Jukeboxy for some reason and probably wants to see what we have to offer. We could further your frustration by presenting our great pricing, the number of songs and genres, and ease of use, but we will not subject you to that. Instead, we will explain what truly makes us one of a kind, our DJ Set feature.

What and Where is the Jukeboxy “DJ Set”?

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Whether you are a potential customer or a new customer, you still might have some questions about what the Jukeboxy DJ Set does. At first, it might confuse you, but the DJ Set is not physical DJ equipment. It is simply a feature of Jukeboxy. In basic terms, our unique DJ set feature allows our customers to customize their music experience beyond a playlist or music genre. The DJ Set mode is on the home screen of the Jukeboxy Manager application, which is available for download on Android, Apple, and Amazon devices.

First, to fully optimize your use of the DJ Set mode, it is crucial to understand all of the features it has at its disposal.

Features of Jukeboxy DJ Set: Naming and Creating a Set

After first clicking the DJ button on the Jukeboxy Manager’s home screen, you are greeted with a large gray button saying, “Create New DJ Set”. When selected, you are then allowed to title your set. We recommend titling this with your musical genre, time, and even season for optimal flow and organization. For example, a restaurant owner should name a Folk music set for Fall brunches something along the lines of “Folky Brunches – Fall 2022”. 

Mood Setting

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The first step into actually creating your set is selecting your mood. Under the mood tab in DJ Set, the user can see a colorful Mood Wheel with a sliding dot and four modulators. The two tempo modulators are Energetic (on the top) and Mellow (on the bottom). These modulators allow for the customization of the tempo of the music. When the dot is closer to the energetic side, the tempo of the songs in the set will be quicker, while when it is closer to the mellow side, the tempo of songs will then be slower. There are also two mood modulators, Happy (on the right) and Emotional (left). Like the tempo modulation, when the dot is closer to either Happy or Emotional, the music is generated to match the mood based on where the dot lies. Not only the Mood Wheel is user-friendly, but it also allows for tons of customization by using both tempo and mood in conjunction.

Genre Setting

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The next step in creating your DJ Set is customizing the genre of music. Under the genres tab, the user is met with tons of different genres of music to choose from, anything from Pop Music to Metal. When a genre is selected, you can then use the slider (located directly under each genre) to dictate the percentage of each genre you want the set to play. For instance, to create a mainly Country music, slightly Rock playlist, you slide the Country genre slider up nearly all the way and the Rock genre slider just a bit. After selecting a primary genre, sub-genres based on that genre will be available for selection. Like when users select the Rock genre, they can also select which of the various sub-genres of Rock they want in the set, such as Alternative, Progressive, Metal, and more.

Decade Setting

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The final step in creating your DJ Set is choosing the decade of your music. The user is greeted with various decades of music to choose from within the decades tab in DJ Set. After a decade is selected, the set then plays music strictly released during that decade. If a user selects the 1950s and 1980s as their set’s decades, the set will only play music from those chosen decades.

Uses of Jukeboxy DJ Set & How to Optimize it for your business

Now that you understand all the features of the Jukeboxy DJ set, we will go over how you should apply it to your business. As we have explained in several other articles, it is essential to use your customers’ musical styles and preferences as a baseline. You should still continue to do so with the DJ Set. While Jukeboxy’s seemingly infinite number of playlists might seem like enough, there are times when more specific music should be playing throughout your business.

One use we specifically recommend DJ Set for is catering to the time of day. If a restaurant’s customer base is into Soul music, that is fine. Still, those customers probably don’t want to hear sappy Soul music first thing in the morning while trying to enjoy their breakfast. Time scenarios like these are perfect for Jukeboxy’s DJ Set. Instead of making their customers deal with a random bunch of Soul songs, DJ Set allows for two separate sets, which they can then schedule to be played in the morning and at night. The restaurant can customize the morning playlist to play more upbeat and lighthearted Soul songs for a happy start to the day, as they can customize the nighttime playlist to play more emotional and slower soul and R&B, perfect for a romantic dinner date. Catering to the time doesn’t have to be exclusively for the time of the day; users can also use DJ Set for the various seasons and holidays of the year.

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A hotel might always be playing Pop Music, but the type of pop music should not be the same during the winter and summer. By using DJ Set, this hotel can fully customize the mood and kind of Pop they want to play during each season. Some energetic, happy tunes in the summer and some slower, emotional music in the winter.

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We recommend another use of our DJ Set is to cater to your customers’ age. Yes, a playlist might cater to a particular time or genre, but not to the same specificity of our DJ Set. If a local pub knows their customer base is 50% people in their 20s and 50% people in their 50s who both like something in the genre of Rock, playing just one specific decade of Rock will not cut it. Instead, with our DJ Set feature, the user can create a set that plays Rock from an even mix of the decades that will please both age groups.

Again, one other significant advantage of DJ Set is using different sets with different types of events. Suppose you own a bar that turns into a nightclub at night. This would be the perfect time to use different sets. You can still use the same main genres of music that apply to your customer base, just with different variations. As for the regular bar hours, it is excellent to play generic pop. You can create the DJ Set during the nightclub hours to play more energetic and happy music, which is better for a party! Besides these primary functions, Jukeboxy DJ Sets are great for experimenting. For a customer or client, repetitively hearing the same music can quickly turn them off your business. Using DJ Set, you and your company can make things sound fresh and new while still maintaining the genres and music types that work so well for your customer base. Refresh your sound and refresh your business with Jukeboxy’s DJ Set.