Why Should Audio Ads Be a Part of Your Advertising Strategy?

audio ads

When building a marketing strategy, brands usually set a budget for the year, including creative storefronts, social media marketing, ad campaigns, influencer marketing, email marketing, and referral campaigns. Even though these are all crucial parts of a marketing plan, brands usually overlook the power of in-store audio ads that can easily convert into impulsive purchases. 

One of the most important aspects of a marketing strategy for a retail store is bringing people to the store. Once customers are in the store, the marketing strategy continues with the weekly ad flyers, the layout of the products, promotional displays, background music, etc. 

For many years, brands invest in background music for business to influence the consumers’ purchasing behaviors. When the soundtrack is right and fits the brand, the shoppers without knowingly spend more time in the store and browse additional products; thus, they purchase more items.  

However, by implementing promotional in-store messaging and integrating the service with their background music, brands would further influence the shoppers for more impulsive purchases.

6 Reasons Why Brands Should Pay More Attention to Audio-Advertising in 2021

  1. Audio advertising is more effective than out-of-store advertising
    Out-of-store advertising is a great tool to bring people to your store; however, you can only promote a few things with these costly marketing campaigns. When you achieve your campaign goal and get more customers to your business, you have an opportunity to sell more with promotional in-store massages. Research suggests that 16% of impulsive purchases are generated by in-store audio messages.
  2. Audio ads complement point-of-purchase displays
    Point-of-purchase displays have been around for ages. Printed or digital, they are designed to bring attention to specific brands and special offers. However, a consumer cannot see all the displays in a store. They will see a few for sure while browsing the store and perhaps purchase some additional items, but there will be plenty of other signs that they won’t notice. On the other hand, promotional in-store messages will be more efficient in bringing consumers’ attention to multiple special offers while they are in the store and will result in more sales.
  3. Introduce new products and promote your website with in-store audio advertising
    Another research suggests that people retain 90% of what they hear but only 5% when they read it in a text. With in-store audio advertising, you can direct consumers to newly stocked items quickly and cost-effectively. If your business has online shopping option, you can inform your customers about the website through audio ads for further sales.
  4. Scheduled audio advertisement creates urgency
    Do you sell products that will be available only at certain hours? You can create a sense of urgency with scheduled audio ads that inform your customers about the “limited time” specials; in return, you will generate more sales with impulse buying.
  5. In-store audio advertisements can help build an emotional tie with your customers
    It is crucial for brands to communicate with their customers and build an emotional bond. According to research, consumers re-visit the businesses that they feel emotionally connected to. You can promote loyalty programs and customer appreciation days with audio advertisements to create an emotional connection with your customers.
  6. Communicate with your employees through in-store audio messages
    You can schedule ads to play before and after store hours to communicate with your employees. These messages can help motivate your team for the busy day ahead. Motivated employees will communicate better with the customers, work harder and sell more. As we always say, “happy employees, happy customers”!

If you are ready to try this powerful marketing tool combined with the fitting soundtrack that reflects your brand’s identity, we are here to help! 

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