How to Open Your Own Day Spa In 7 Steps

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Several people reported increased symptoms of stress and anxiety last year as a result of the unprecedented conditions. Two out of three adults report experiencing an increase in stress as a result of the pandemic. Their increased sensitivity to their physical and mental health has made them more aware than ever. People have started visiting spas more often in the post-vaccination world, giving spa enterprises worldwide significant growth. Thus, if you want to launch a wellness business this year, now is the time! We’re here to assist you.

Let’s look at the adventurous path you need to take to run a successful day spa.

Do Some Market Research

The first thing you have to do when opening a day spa is thorough market research. Engaging on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be an excellent way to start your research. You can learn what’s trending, what people are looking for, and what already established spas have to offer. 

Even better, you can visit your local competition, explore their setup, book an appointment with them, and get to know how they operate. There is nothing simpler than this.

Your business can be more distinguishable from your competitors when you choose your service offerings carefully. Maybe you would prefer to offer a more limited range of services instead of providing everything. Alternatively, you may decide to offer services not yet available at other spas, like a trending spa treatment that is making headlines in European countries.

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Find the ideal location

Do you want to learn the secret of a successful spa? 

Location, location, and location! An excellent rental space is essential to your business, and you need to research before you settle on one. Find an area that will match your target audience. Also, it is crucial to find a place that will cater to all the services you are offering. Having one room for both waxing and massage will not work well as a first impression and will stop returning customers. 

Your target market will also help in finding the right location. If you plan to open a high-end spa, you need to consider a place close to upscale neighborhoods. On the other hand, if your spa will be approachable to many, choosing a location with a parking lot or accessible by commute will be ideal. Once you decide on the target market, finding the place will be easier.

Calculate the startup costs

Depending on what type of spa you wish to open and how large the space is, the cost of opening will vary. But it’s unlikely to start a day spa with less than $100,000. If you do, you will need to be very creative and resourceful. For example, you can rent your equipment rather than buy, gradually expanding your services to make the initial setup as less expensive as possible.

All businesses have to obtain a business license, but when it comes to the spa business, there will be additional licenses and certifications that you need to acquire. Depending on the State, the fees for these licenses will vary.

The cost of the equipment and furniture will depend on the type of services you offer and the size of the space. For example, if you are offering medical-grade treatments, the cost of the equipment will be higher. In addition to the equipment and furniture, the startup costs include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction – architect, interior designer, and cost of labor
  • Subscriptions – appointment software, magazine subscriptions for waiting areas, tv and music subscriptions. 
  • Professional fees – accountant, website designer, social media content creators, marketing professionals, etc. 

It’s important to leave extra room for error by adding 10-20% to the estimated startup costs.

Hire your staff

Your employees must possess a high level of expertise and professionalism to succeed in your day spa business. Consumers can be harsh when it comes to criticism. Based on their previous experiences at other spas, they may expect a high-quality service, and you must be ready to meet these expectations. Provide your customers with services that are delivered professionally and efficiently by experienced technicians.

You should start with at least two highly qualified, senior-level technicians. You can then hire talented recent cosmetology graduates who can help with basic services and whom you can train well for more success in the future. You can contact your local cosmetology schools and schedule interviews with their best students.

Obtain spa equipment for your spa treatment rooms and lobby

Contact a supplier to rent or purchase spa equipment like massage tables, portable sauna rooms, facial steamers, etc. You should contact multiple distributors to compare the prices and quality of the products. 

If renting, it is crucial to know the lifecycle of that specific equipment. If you rent equipment nearing its lifespan, you may end up with a broken piece. In that case, you may need to pause the services until you receive a new one, which will be costlier than purchasing a brand new one. 

If you have friends or family in the industry, don’t be shy to ask for help or advice. They may know a reputable supplier, or better, they may have extra pieces to offer you. It’s worth giving it a try as it can save you a lot of money.

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Create the perfect spa environment

Returning customers are the best kind of customers. You need to offer your clients a memorable experience every time they come to your spa establishment to achieve return customers. Successful spas are always maintained open communication with their customers. Asking for feedback on what’s good and how to improve the experience always impacts consumers positively. 

As a day spa owner, your goal is to provide a holistic experience based on your customer’s needs and provide the perfect environment to relax and enjoy themselves.

A few tips to ensure your customers have a great spa experience:

  • Keep your equipment in top condition to guarantee a luxurious experience
  • Use mood-soothing colors in your spa design
  • Provide high-quality products and supplies
  • Put relaxing scents in the treatment rooms
  • Have sound-proofed rooms to deliver the best experience
  • Provide extra amenities like locker rooms, smoothie bar, and gift shops
  • Set the lighting and music right to create a calming atmosphere

Background music for your day spa

Music is the perfect supplement to relaxation and well-being. When implemented correctly, the music will help your customers to enter into the zen zone and de-stress. Finding and managing the music can be a headache, however. One of its most challenging aspects is choosing the specific soundtrack for spas and playing it in compliance with the legal regulations. 

Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) collect royalties on behalf of copyright holders from the parties who wish to use copyrighted works publicly in locations such as shopping venues, restaurants, and spas. For that reason, using a personal use music streaming service like Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora is not an option. Ignoring the Copyright Law can incur some severe penalties. 

Information: Background Music for Business: Can I use Spotify, Apple & Others? Click here.

What’s the solution, you may ask. Choose a commercially licensed music streaming service provider that takes care of these licenses on behalf of your business at a low monthly subscription fee. 

Jukeboxy, for example, costs just $24.99 a month, with over 40 million licensed tracks and hundreds of curated soundtracks for business use. Jukeboxy’s spa-specific playlists are expertly curated to create the relaxing atmosphere your clients are looking for.

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And, one last step: Host a grand opening party

A few months before your grand opening party, make sure you already have a social media presence. You should post about your upcoming grand opening, start an ad campaign and offer complementary treatments to first visitors. 

Offering a spa tour, complimentary mini-treatments, and gift bags with sample products will help your future customers better understand your services. Do not forget to include a spa menu in the gift bags. 

It will help if you offer discounts when your guests book their next appointment during your opening party. 

Remember, your opening party is to excite your future clients and offer them an excellent first impression. For that reason, spending some extra money on your opening party may have a fantastic outcome. 


Those who visit day spas have a particular goal: to relax. To provide the best relaxing atmosphere, it is crucial to pay attention to the following:

  • Hiring the right technicians and staff members
  • Renting or purchasing the best possible spa equipment
  • Keeping the spa clean and tidy
  • Fitting interior design that reflects the spa’s mood
  • Implementing the perfect spa background music

When done correctly, you will have a thriving spa business. 

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