Music On Hold

A good marketing strategy ensures that clients are satisfied and that their needs are met.

Research suggests that clients placed on hold with music will stay on the line for 75% longer than those with silence. With strategically targeted on-hold music, you will undoubtedly speak with more customers and meet their needs resulting in customer retention.

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Music on hold (MOH) is the act of playing soundtracks in place of the quiet that the consumer would hear while waiting on the phone line.

Consumer studies show that the callers will stay on the line longer when greeted with music that would otherwise hang up when greeted with silence.

According to a study, 80% of customers now consider a company's experience as crucial as its products and services. For that reason, many companies offer a customer service phone line, and data shows that about 78% of the companies use on-hold music as part of their marketing strategy.

Waiting on the phone line to discuss an issue or get information about a product has never been an enjoyable part of our lives; however, research suggests that people tend to be more patient and willing to wait on the phone line when music is playing.

Yes. Transmissions of music to the public are “public performances” and it is illegal in the United States to transmit a recorded music to callers, including the radio, without obtaining a proper license due to the copyright law.

A business can obtain a music on hold license from the Publishing Rights Organizations (PROs) like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or GMR, however, these fees are paid annually and depending on the call volume, it could be costly.

Music on hold provided by Jukeboxy is fully licensed due to our agreements with the PROs. Rest assured, the phone on hold music at your business will be 100% Copyright Law compliant with a Jukeboxy on-hold music subscription.

One of the biggest advantages of using Jukeboxy’s on-hold music service is the broad selection of the soundtracks – 350+ playlists. You can choose playlists that fit your target market rather than playing any music.

Another advantage with Jukeboxy is that you can schedule different types of music for different hours with multiple playlists. While most consumers are accustomed with the monotonous and unengaging on hold music, hearing fresh tunes that they enjoy will make a big difference and they will surely enjoy waiting on the line.

Lastly, Jukeboxy on-hold-music subscription doesn’t require a long-term commitment. You can choose month-to-month service for an inexpensive fee.

Yes! This is another advantage of Jukeboxy hold music subscription. You can include your own recorded and branded messages to play in between songs. You can do this directly on your Manager’s Dashboard during playlist scheduling.

In-store audio advertisement is another powerful marketing strategy that will help you reach out to your customers with special announcements, upcoming events, or promotions.

When music and audio ads are combined, your customers will hear great music, learn more about your products or services, and will stay longer on the line.

You will need to create a Jukeboxy account and purchase the on hold music equipment to start the process.

You can live-chat with one of our reps on this page for additional questions and to get started with music on hold for your business. Live-chat box is available on the lower right-hand corner of this page and all other pages.


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