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Background music has a direct effect on diners and it is an important part of a successful restaurant. Whether you are trying to increase table turnover with high tempo music or to create a soothing atmosphere, Jukeboxy is here to help you to build the right sound for your restaurant.

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Subscription to Jukeboxy Music for Business will provide your restaurant with commercially licensed background music from the libraries of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, as well as Major and Indie labels. In other words, your business will be 100% Compliant with Copyright Law for music streaming.

We report every song that played at your business to the Performing Rights Organizations and music labels. As a result, musical artists, songwriters, and publishers get paid for their work.

Managing one or multiple accounts is quick, effortless, and centralized with Jukeboxy's smart technology.

You can access and manage all your Jukeboxy accounts remotely with Jukeboxy Manager App and Manager's Dashboard. They connect to Jukeboxy music players in real-time, even if you are not at the location.

With one login, you can change the music, pause the players, like and skip songs, exclude songs or artists, and create a weekly playlist schedule by day-part. You can copy the playlist schedule and the settings to other accounts with one click, check track history, insert audio messages, and see the online/offline status of each location.

On the Manager's Dashboard, you can schedule hоurlу, dаilу оr wееklу рlауliѕtѕ fоr аutоmаtеd, hаѕѕlе frее background music fоr your restaurant without wondering what to play next. You can also upload your audio messages to inform your guests about specials or upcoming events.

A pre-set restaurant playlist schedule is available to get you started quickly. You can use this pre-set schedule, adjust it, or create your own from scratch. You can include as many playlists as you like in the same hour for hours of fresh and non-repetitive background music for restaurants.

Audio messaging is a powerful marketing strategy, and we encourage you to use our in-store audio messaging feature that comes with your subscription. There is no limit on how many messages you upload.

Is your restaurant a fine dining restaurant or a fast-casual one? Or, is it a hip brunch spot? The music you are playing at your restaurant has to complement the personality of your brand and the ambiance. When the right music is played, research shows that both sales and brand recognition increases.

If you are offering a high-end dining experience, you wouldn't want to stream Rock music. Or, streaming Classical music wouldn't be a good choice for a high-energy restaurant either. With our genre exclusion feature, you have full control over what is going to play at your restaurant.

Once you exclude genres, our algorithm will skip them, even if you choose a playlist that includes those genres. You can also exclude songs and artists from your library.

If you have more than one Jukeboxy account to manage, you can copy the same settings to your other accounts or exclude different genres from different locations. You may want to exclude Jazz from one location and may be Rock from another.

Explicit music can hurt your business, and we assure you that your customers won't hear any offensive language at your restaurant with Jukeboxy.

Our multi-level lyric screening and tagging system checks for both profanity and context; situations or actions that are not suitable for all ages are also considered as explicit. It doesn't mean that your library won't have your favorite songs; we include the clean versions if available.

If you don't mind streaming explicit music, you can change your settings on the Manager's Dashboard.

We uрdаtе our playlists weekly; popular music genres are updated daily. With our repeat protection algorithm and new content added regularly, you will not hear the same songs repeatedly

If you are interested in a curated playlist that is true to your brand, our music curators will work with you and create the ultimate soundtrack that matches your brand's identity. We'll work around your budget and deliver a high-quality sound that is unique to your restaurant.

All our subscribers have access to our complimentary music programming and assessment service. If you are not sure what type of sound is right for your restaurant, we will be happy to get on a call with you and offer our playlist suggestions.

You can also create your own mood, genre, decade, and tempo-based playlists with Jukeboxy DJ Set, which is available in Jukeboxy Manager App. You can play these DJ Sets by themselves or combine them with Jukeboxy playlists in your weekly schedule. You can also transfer your Spotify or other personal use service playlist to your Jukeboxy Music for Business account.


Early Morning Ambiance
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Playlist for a Relaxing Morning

Jazzy Brunch
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Mix of Jazz and Trip Hop Music

Lounge Music
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Chilled Acid Jazz & Trip Hop

Popular Country Hits
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Country Hits from Popular Artists

Soft Rock
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Best of Soft Rock Songs

Upbeat Happy Hour
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Upbeat Songs for The Happy Hour



Everyone loves the playlist that you have compiled for our restaurant. We are so glad to have found your company. It relieved me of having to buy CD's, uploading them to iTunes, pay the ASCAP fee which is more than your yearly fees. The selection that you have compiled for our restaurant saved me so much time and aggravation. I love the ease of using your app. The scheduling is easy to use and it will be fun at Christmas time to have both Italian and Xmas music available at different times of the day. I am sorry that we did not start using Jukeboxy earlier.

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