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Background music for dispensaries must match their more streamlined aesthetic to meet their growing and diverse clientele better. But where do you begin when looking for music for marijuana dispensaries?

Jukeboxy can help you find the fitting music for dispensary and your brand.

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The Copyright Law requires businesses to obtain authorization for performances by live musicians and performances by mechanical means, including CDs, music-on-hold, mp3 players, and personal computers.

Dispensaries streaming music for their customers need to obtain the proper licenses from the Publishing Rights Organizations (PROs). If you want to approach your diverse clientele, you will need licenses from all four PROs; ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR, in order to play recorded music from various artists. These licenses are paid annually and can become costly.

Jukeboxy subscription provides your business with all these licenses for background music use due to our agreements with the PROs. The music played at your dispensary will be 100% legal and less costly.

For dispensaries with more than one zone or location, managing the music with Jukeboxy is quick and effortless. Our web browser-based Manager's Dashboard and the mobile remote-control app allow users to remotely control and manage their locations.

2 or 200+ locations, admins can access their accounts under one dashboard, check online/offline status, push playlists, change the schedule, add or remove accounts, and much more. Multiple admin access options are available.

You'll get access to over 350 up-to-date, non-repetitive, explicit free, and business-friendly playlists with Jukeboxy Music's weekly scheduling tool. Playlists are divided into genres, decades, moods, activities, and venue types for simple browsing. The scheduling tool comes with a pre-made playlist schedule to help you get started quickly. You can start with the pre-made program, make changes depending on your clientele, or start from scratch.

You may schedule hourly, daily, or weekly playlists for automated and licensed background music for your dispensary without worrying about what to play next. You can put as many dispensary playlists as you want in a day-part box to generate hours of new music. You may also create an eclectic mood by mixing playlists from various genres.

Our advanced algorithm levels the track volumes for a seamless transition between songs, resulting in crisp, high-quality audio.

When choosing the genres to play in cannabis dispensaries, it is crucial to think about your target market and clientele. It is also essential to avoid the common misconception that all marijuana users like Reggae or Hip-Hop genres. Marijuana users come from diverse cultures, religions, races, and ages, and their musical taste varies.

You may customize the music at your marijuana dispensary with the genre selection tool by removing genres that don't fit your shop's ambiance. These banned genres will never play, even if they are available in your scheduled playlists. You can also choose to exclude certain songs and artists from your library.

Alternatively, you can ban specific genres, songs, or artists from certain accounts and make them available for others. You may want to remove the electronic genre from some locations and keep it for others. You have complete control over what type of music plays in the dispensary.

Explicit music can be detrimental to your business. With Jukeboxy, you can be assured that your customers will not hear any foul language at your establishment. If you don't mind streaming explicit music, you can adjust your settings on the Manager's Dashboard.

Our multi-level lyric screening and tagging system looks for both explicit lyrics and circumstances or activities that aren't appropriate for all ages. It doesn't mean that you won't have access to your favorite tracks; if clean versions are available, we always include them.

Our playlists are updated weekly, and popular music genres are updated daily. You won't hear the same songs repetitively thanks to our repeat protection algorithm and the addition of new content regularly.

Suppose you prefer a curated playlist that is unique to your brand. In that case, our music curators will collaborate with you to create the best soundtrack for your brand that reflects your brand's personality. We'll work within your budget and provide a high-quality sound specific to your establishment.

Our complimentary music programming and evaluation services are available to all our subscribers. When you're not sure what cannabis dispensary music genres would be best for your store, you can contact us. We would be pleased to make recommendations depending on your needs.


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We were looking for a simple licensed media solution and Jukeboxy is as good as it gets! Easy to use and manage.

Justin Coyne, Systems Support AnalystPharmaCann

Easy and relaxed experience. Very helpful and fast (and personable!) customer service. I just opened a second business and I was happy to sign up with Jukeboxy again for the new location. They carry the music selections I wanted for different moods and times of the day.

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