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When utilized correctly, background music has the potential to put people in the right mood, define the brand’s image, attract customers and increase revenue, and of course, motivate employees. Happy employees mean happy and returning customers. Jukeboxy Music can help you to create the right sound for your coffee shop which will help to bring more sales and revenues while keeping your employees motivated and customers happy.

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Subscription to Jukeboxy Music will provide your coffee shop with commercially licensed background music from the libraries of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, as well as Major and Indie labels. In other words, your business will be 100% Compliant with Copyright Law for music streaming.

We report every song that played at your business to Performing Rights Organizations and music labels. As a result, musical artists, songwriters, and publishers get paid for their work.

Managing one or multiple accounts with Jukeboxy's online dashboard and mobile remote control app is quick, effortless, and centralized. Both Jukeboxy Manager App and online Manager's Dashboard allow you to access all your accounts under one tool with one login. The best part is, these tools connect to Jukeboxy players from anywhere in the world, which gives you the flexibility to manage music in your coffee shop at your own pace.

If you own or manage multiple coffee shops, these tools will help you to access all locations remotely with one login. You can change the music, pause or skip a song, exclude songs or artists, create weekly playlist schedule by day-part and copy to other zones, check song history, insert audio messages, and much more.

With Jukeboxy Music's weekly scheduling tool, you will have access to over 300 explicit free, business and family-friendly playlists. Playlists are categorized by genre, decade, mood, activity, and venue types for easy browsing. A pre-set coffee shop playlist is available in the scheduling tool to get you started quickly. You can use the pre-set playlist schedule, adjust it, or create yours from scratch.

You can schedule hоurlу, dаilу оr wееklу рlауliѕtѕ fоr аutоmаtеd, hаѕѕlе frее background music at your coffee shop without wondering what to play next. You can include as many playlists as you like in a day-part box to create hours of fresh music. You can also mix playlists from different genres for an eclectic atmosphere.

Our smart technology ensures that track volumes are leveled for a flawless transition between songs for crisp sounding, high quality music. You can upload and schedule your brand's audio messages to play in between songs. With these messages, you can inform your customers about upcoming events or specials.

Music is a universal language, but it doesn't mean that every genre applies to all types of businesses. When it comes to business background music, a "one fits all" approach won't work. For that reason, we provide you with the tools to customize the music at your business. One of these tools is "genre exclusion."

On the online dashboard, you can exclude unwanted genres to play at your coffee Shop. These excluded genres, even if they are in a playlist you scheduled, will never play. You also have the option to exclude songs or artists.

If you have multiple locations, you can copy the exclusion list to all or some of them on the multi-account dashboard. Or, you can exclude different genres from different locations. You may want to allow Pop and Indie music at some accounts and Jazz or Instrumental at others. You have full control over genre selection at all locations.

With Jukeboxy Music subscription, you will have access to 40+ million songs and over 300 expertly curated playlists.

Plауliѕtѕ are uрdаtеd weekly with new music; popular music genres are updated daily. With fresh content and the repeat protection algorithm, you won't hear the same songs repeatedly.

We understand that explicit music can hurt your business. With Jukeboxy's detailed lyric screening yоu don't have tо wоrrу about hеаring аnу sort of offensive lаnguаgе at your coffee Shop. We check lyrics for both profanity and context; lyrics with actions that aren't suitable for a business environment or not ideal for all ages are explicit for us, and we tag them accordingly.

Yоu will only hеаr fаmilу friеndlу trасkѕ аt уоur coffee shop frоm the mоmеnt уоu set-up your Jukeboxy Music Player. If explicit lyrics are not an issue, users can change the setting on the dashboard

If you are looking for a soundtrack that is unique to your coffee shop, we are here to help. Our music curators will work with you to create a playlist that will match your coffee shop's vibe.

Jukeboxy's music curation service is the most affordable and the highest quality in the industry. We have curated playlists for Fortune 500 Companies, Pop-up Stores, and Small businesses. With custom playlist curation, we help brands to deliver unique and memorable customer experience through music.

With Jukeboxy DJ Set, available in Jukeboxy Manager App, you can create unlimited playlists by genre, mood, tempo, and decade. You can play DJ sets independently or together with other playlists in the scheduling tool. If you have a Spotify or any other personal use service playlists, you can transfer them into your Jukeboxy account.


Classic Rock
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Best of Classic Rock

Mellow Alternative Indie
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Mellow Alternative Indie Rock Songs

High Tempo Indie Dance
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Best of Indie Dance Music

Coffee Shop - Slow Tempo
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Slow Tempo Easy Listening Playlist for Coffee Shops

Coffee Shop - High Tempo
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High Tempo Eclectic Playlist for Coffee Shops

Coffee House Eclectic
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Eclectic Mix of Easy Listening Songs



Jukeboxy made having good music not only painless but enjoyable. From installing equipment to curating incredible playlists, they did the work so we could focus on running the business. Will definitely recommend to anyone needing a music solution.

Gary BarnesGregorys Coffee, New York

Music is an integral part of Ground Central Coffee Co. It is great to have a local company which shares the same music tastes, integrates seamlessly with our concept and offers a great customer service.

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