Frequently Asked Questions

Jukeboxy FAQs

What is Jukeboxy?

Jukeboxy is a state-of-the-art music streaming service any business that plays music for its customers with digital signage capabilities that also incorporates a social media check-in aspect.

Who can use Jukeboxy ?

Jukeboxy can be used in any business that plays music for its customers such as Bars, Restaurants, Retail Spaces, Lounges, Gyms, Grocery Stores and Health Care Offices. Jukeboxy offers preset playlists specifically designed for a dozen different venue types.

What do I need to get started with Jukeboxy Service?

You can start using Jukeboxy as soon as you create a 14-day Free Trial account at - download Jukeboxy Venue Player and Jukeboxy Manager applications to a WiFi enabled mobile device or a tablet, choose from 13 venue types (i.e. Coffee Shop, Sports Bar, Gym, Medical) and music pre-selected for your venue type will be streaming within seconds. Feel free to let Jukeboxy run on its own OR customize your own presets based on mood, genre, and decade while tailoring your music similarly to Pandora, as often as you want.

How many songs are covered with a Jukeboxy subscription?

Our library consists of over 25 Million Songs. Jukeboxy’s licensing solution covers all major record labels, many indie labels, as well as all three major Performing Rights Organizations (BMI, SESAC, ASCAP).

Why should I use Jukeboxy instead of Pandora One?

Pandora One is designed for personal use and as such does not cover licensing for commercial use. Playing music for customers using Pandora One, Spotify, or other personal services is illegal and can be cause for litigation and fines for failure to pay "public performance" licensing fees. Jukeboxy offers a comprehensive licensing solution, covering all three major Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) including BMI, ASCAP, & SESAC as well as major and indie record labels. Through this licensing solution, Jukeboxy offers access to 25 million songs. By choosing Jukeboxy, you can rest assured that the music playing in your establishment is properly licensed and that musical artists and publishers will receive the credit they deserve.

Do you have all the recent releases and current songs in your library ?

Yes! We are set up to add new songs to our growing library on a daily basis.

Is it legal to use Jukeboxy Background Music Service in my establishment ?

Yes, all the songs in Jukeboxy Background Music Service are licensed to play in a public venue. With our broad licensing solution offering access to over 25 million songs, you can rest assured that your music licensing is taken care of. You can focus on running your business knowing artists/publishers will receive due recognition for their musical work.

Can I use Jukeboxy Music personal application as a music source in my business establishment?

No. Jukeboxy Music - Personal Radio application is only licensed to play music for personal consumption. In order to play music in a public venue, a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) licensing agreement needs to be in place (BMI, SESAC, & ASCAP are the major three PROs). Jukeboxy Venue Player covers PRO licensing on behalf of our venues because it is designed to be played publicly in commercial settings. This also applies to other personal music services such as Spotify, Pandora One, Slacker Radio, Rdio, and GrooveShark.

The Music App (Personal App) is designed to check-in to Jukeboxy locations and to “push” personal music preferences to influence the mix of music playing in the establishment.

What is the cost of Jukeboxy Background Music Service?

Proper licensing for public music consumption is provided under the Jukeboxy Background Music Service, which is $29.95/month (we have discounts for multi-location businesses). We handle all royalty payments on behalf of our venues to Performance Rights Organizations and Record Labels.

What kind of a setup is required for the Jukeboxy Background Venue Player ?

First, download the Jukeboxy Venue Player from Apple App Store or Google Play. Jukeboxy Venue Player connects directly to your venue’s sound system, and can be utilized in 2 different formats depending on the venue. For venues that want to display song titles and digital signage on HDTVs, we recommend installing the affordable JBox as Venue Player. For venues that do not have HDTVs, the best option is to install Jukeboxy Venue Player to a tablet or mobile device.

What kind of a setup is required for the Jukeboxy Background Manager App ?

Jukeboxy Manager App enables the person(s) in charge to control the music listening experience remotely. and the Jukeboxy Manager App can be used when you’re not in the venue, practically from anywhere in the world. Using any internet source, the Jukeboxy Manager app remotely connects to your Jukeboxy Venue Player and controls the playlists, presets, promos, and volume of your sound system. Multiple managers can download Jukeboxy Manager App to their smartphones.

What is the difference between Jukeboxy Venue Player and Jukeboxy Manager App?

Jukeboxy Venue Player runs the music in your establishment during open hours and can be connected to HDTVs to display digital signage and encourage interactivity. Jukeboxy Manager App is used to customize music preferences, disclude songs, adjust digital signage, approve push notifications, and more. Jukeboxy Manager App can be used from virtually anywhere with internet.

Why is Jukeboxy so much more expensive than my personal Pandora/Spotify account?

Jukeboxy is a commercial music streaming solution while Pandora One and Spotify are personal music services. As a commercial service, Jukeboxy is able to extend its broad license to its customers, allowing owners/managers legal access to 25 million songs spanning a variety of genres and decades. As of 1998, business owners must pay licensing fees to BMI, SESAC, and/or ASCAP, in order to “publicly perform”, or in other words, to play songs in a commercial setting for its customers.

Why is Jukeboxy more expensive than Pandora for Business by DMX or SiriusXM for Business?

Jukeboxy is different from Pandora for Business by DMX and SiriusXM for Business because it provides more options to customize, more interactivity, the advantages of control through a mobile app, and a special social media and “personal user” aspect that can help create a better atmosphere and a stronger connection to a business’s patrons. These “personal users” can search for and check-in to Jukeboxy locations, influence the mix of music playing in that location, and can view other checked-in users. Also, Jukeboxy offers the option of adding promotions (digital signage), for example a a drink special or special event to display on in-house HDTVs. Here at Jukeboxy, we are confident that we can provide a solution that not only takes care of the problem of commercial music streaming and licensing, but also adds to the value and attractiveness of a business by bringing in more customers and encouraging these customers to stay longer.

What does Jukeboxy have that Pandora for Business by DMX or SiriusXM for Business don’t have?

In short, commercial streaming solutions by Pandora and Sirius are simpler and are based through a black box that is required for installation, which is not required with Jukeboxy. Also, their solutions do not offer the option of controlling music through an app and must be modified on a computer. Through Jukeboxy, an owner can have ultimate control from anywhere with internet access while any and all managers (that are not the owner) maintain a certain degree of control from an in-house device or their own smartphones. The music can run by itself OR it can be changed and monitored at a moments notice.

App Specific FAQs

Jukeboxy Venue Player

What is Jukeboxy Venue Player? What does it do?

Jukeboxy Venue Player is an app that plays your business’ music continuously that is available on virtually any platform (computer, tablet, smartphone, JBox, iPod). Jukeboxy Venue Player plays songs from pushed playlists or based on a preset schedule, and responds to commands from the Jukeboxy Manager App.

Can I run Jukeboxy Venue Player on a computer?

Yes. We offer Jukeboxy Venue Player as a desktop app or a web player that is usable on virtually any computer.

Is Jukeboxy Venue Player available for PC and Mac?

Yes. Our desktop app player is compatible with the widest variety, and should work with older models as well. Our web player is also compatible with PC and Mac.

Can I run Jukeboxy Venue Player on a tablet?

Yes. Jukeboxy Venue Player is available for iPad and Android tablet. After signing up ( just go to App Store or Play Store, login, and start using Jukeboxy Venue Player within minutes.

Can I run Jukeboxy Venue Player on a smartphone?

Yes. This is not the most preferred option, but it is possible to run Jukeboxy Venue Player on a smartphone, Android or iOS.

Is Jukeboxy Venue Player available for both Android & iOS?

Yes. Jukeboxy Venue Player is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones. After signing up ( just go to App Store or Play Store, login, and start using Jukeboxy Venue Player.

Does Jukeboxy Venue Player require internet?

Yes, an internet connection is needed to operate Jukeboxy Venue Player. Jukeboxy Venue Player can connect to either Wi-Fi or Ethernet. However, our venue player does have an automatic offline mode that saves a batch of songs that continue to play in the event of a Wi-Fi outage or bad internet connection.

How do I start using Jukeboxy Venue Player in my business?

Go to and sign up now for a 14-day free trial. After sign up, download the app and have music playing within minutes. Call (844) 666-5853 or email with any questions.

What happens to Jukeboxy Venue Player if my internet cuts out or if I have a weak connection?

If your Wi-Fi stops working or in the case of a bad connection, your Jukeboxy Venue Player would go into ‘offline mode’, which saves a large batch of songs to play while the internet is down. With offline mode, the music won’t stop playing!


Do you have a desktop app like other music services?

Yes, we do. If it fits your needs, we provide a desktop app with a desktop icon available so you can start playing quickly and easily.

Which browsers does Jukeboxy Web Player Support ?

Firefox v26, IE v10, Chrome or Safari v7.0.2 or later versions of these browsers.

Jukeboxy Manager App

What is Jukeboxy Manager App? What is Jukeboxy Manager App for?

Jukeboxy Manager App is an advanced app designed to oversee and control the music playing at a Jukeboxy location - it is used by owners, managers, bartenders, and any other employee that has a say in the music. Usable on location or remotely, the Manager App uses WiFi or mobile data to display song/artist now playing information and adjust volume, skip song, push playlist, and much more, all from the manager or owner’s smartphone/tablet.

Can I use Jukeboxy Manager App remotely?

Yes! As long as Jukeboxy Manager App is connected to WiFi or mobile data, it will show what’s playing on Jukeboxy Venue Player in real-time. Adjust volume, push a new playlist, skip song, exclude songs, create custom playlists from anywhere with internet. You don’t have to be at your business to manage your business’ music!

Can I run Jukeboxy Manager App on a tablet?

Yes. Jukeboxy Manager App is available for iPad and Android tablet. After signing up ( just go to App Store or Play Store, login, and start using Jukeboxy Manager App

Can I run Jukeboxy Manager App on a computer?

No - Jukeboxy Manager App is available for tablet and smartphone. But by going to the owner or manager can adjust master preferences such as weekly scheduling, venue preference, and more. We envision the owner or general manager using while other managers are limited to the Manager App, but it totally depends on how you run your business.

Is Jukeboxy Manager App available for iOS and Android?

Yes. Jukeboxy Manager App is available for iPhone and Android smartphone. After signing up ( just go to App Store or Play Store, login, and start using Jukeboxy Manager App.

Does Jukeboxy Manager App require internet?

Yes. Jukeboxy Manager App requires WiFi or mobile data. Jukeboxy Manager App can be used anywhere with WiFi or mobile data, on location or remotely.

Can I use Manager App and Venue Player on the same mobile device or tablet?

Yes. While you can use the Venue Player and Manager App on the same device, we do recommend using separate devices for the best possible Jukeboxy experience. Ideally, the Venue Player would be set up on an iPad that stays at the location, a business computer, or JBox and the Manager App would also be installed on the owner and managers’ smartphones or devices.

Jukeboxy Music (our personal app)

Licensing FAQs

What is a public performance?

According to ASCAP’s website:
“A public performance is one that occurs either in a public place or any place where people gather (other than a small circle of a family or its social acquaintances). A public performance is also one that is transmitted to the public; for example, radio or television broadcasts, music-on-hold, cable television, and by the internet. Generally, those who publicly perform music obtain permission from the owner of the music or his representative. However, there are a few limited exceptions, (called "exemptions") to this rule. Permission is not required for music played or sung as part of a worship service unless that service is transmitted beyond where it takes place (for example, a radio or television broadcast). Performances as part of face to face teaching activity at a non-profit educational institutions are also exempt...”

I bought the record or sheet music. Why do I need permission to perform the song?

According to ASCAP’s website:
“Copyright owners enjoy a number of different rights including performance rights, print rights and recording rights. Rental or purchase of sheet music or the purchase of a record does not authorize its public performance.”

Since when did I need to pay for a “public performance” right?

We want you to be fully informed: in 1998, copyright law was updated with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, or DMCA, which states that any playing of songs in a commercial public space (known as “public performance”) is subject to licensing fees. Due to a sharp increase in digital music streaming going into the 21st century, lawmakers created the right of “public performance” to make sure the creators of these songs will receive credit for use of their material.

To read the full version of the DMCA, click here:

Where does the money for “public performance” licensing go?

Through Jukeboxy’s broad licensing solution, which covers all three major PROs, “public performance” licensing fees go to publishers, artists, writers, and other creators of music who are members of those organizations.

I'm interested in playing music in my restaurant or other business. I know that I need permission for live performances. Do I need permission if I am using only CD's, records, tapes, radio or TV?

According to major PRO ASCAP’s website:
“Yes, you will need permission to play records or tapes in your establishment. Permission for radio and television transmissions in your business is not needed if the performance is by means of public communication of TV or radio transmissions by eating, drinking, retail or certain other establishments of a certain size which use a limited number of speakers or TVs, and if the reception is not further transmitted (for example, from one room to another) from the place in which it is received, and there is no admission charge.”

Is Jukeboxy available internationally?

No. At this point, Jukeboxy is a US-based service. You can use the Manager App to manage your US location from anywhere in the world, but the Venue Player is only available in US locations.

Can I cancel my subscription?

There is no obligation - feel free to cancel anytime.

I haven't received my welcome email. What should I do?

That shouldn't happen! Email or call (844) 666-5853

When will my credit card be charged?

Only if and when you opt to start our paid suscription service. You can start our 14-day free trial with no obligation, no credit card information required.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Please read our Privacy Policy here

Where are you located?

New York, NY

If I have multiple locations or rooms, can I get a better quotation?

Yes. We offer discounts for business' with multiple locations or multiple rooms.

Is Your Site Secured?

Our site is 100% safe and secure. We use industry standard encryption and we don't store any credit card information.

Can I pay over the phone?

Paying over the phone is not our go-to option, but we are happy to make it happen for you. Whatever is best for your customers! Just call (844) 666-5853

Can I see a demo?

Absolutely! Call (844) 666-5853 to schedule an in-person meeting to see how it works (NYC only). Not in NY? Let's Skype!

Can I contact you by phone?

Yes! Call us at (844) 666-5853 with any questions or concerns. We're happy to help!

Can you help install Jukeboxy at my business?

A New York-based team can come by to set Jukeboxy up and show you how the system works. Not in NY? Set up is easy and can be coordinated remotely!

What do I do if I have problems with my Jukeboxy service?

Call (844) 666-5853 or email!

How do I sign up?

Go to or call (844) 666-5853 / email and we will walk you through the process.

How fast is my sign-up processed?

After filling out information on your account is created instantly - our Customer Support and Tech teams are standing by to assist at (844) 666-5853 or

I do not see my question. What should I do?

Call (844) 666-5853 or email for assistance with any question or concern. We are here to assist you!