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Your Hotel is unique. Why settle for the same ordinary music that is monotonous, corporate and does not reflect your hotel's vibe? Let us help you to create the perfect and unique sound for your hotel and improve customer satisfaction.

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Subscription to Jukeboxy Music will provide your Hotel with commercially licensed background music from the libraries of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, as well as Major and Indie labels. In other words, your business will be 100% Compliant with Copyright Law for music streaming.

We report every song that played at your business to Performing Rights Organizations and music labels. As a result, musical artists, songwriters, and publishers get paid for their work.

Managing one or multiple accounts with Jukeboxy's online dashboard and mobile remote control app is quick, effortless, and centralized. Both Jukeboxy Manager App and online Manager's Dashboard allow you to access all your accounts under one tool with one login remotely.

Hotels with multiple zones like Pool, Spa, Gym, Lobby, and Restaurants can access all areas remotely with one login to manage the music.

You can check online/offline status of each account, change playlists, pause players, like, skip, exclude songs or artists, create a weekly playlist schedule by day-part and upload audio messages to play in between songs. You can copy these settings and playlist schedules to other accounts with just one click.

With Jukeboxy Music's weekly scheduling tool, you will have access to over 300 playlists that are up-to-date, non-repetitive, explicit free, and business-friendly. Playlists are categorized by genre, decade, mood, activity, and venue types for easy browsing. A pre-set Hotel playlist is available in the scheduling tool to get you started quickly. You can use the pre-set schedule, adjust it, or create yours from scratch.

You can schedule hоurlу, dаilу оr wееklу рlауliѕtѕ fоr an аutоmаtеd, hаѕѕlе frее background music fоr your Hоtеl without wondering what to play next. You can include as many playlists as you like in a day-part box to create hours of fresh music. You can also mix playlists from different genres for an eclectic atmosphere.

Our smart technology ensures that track vоlumеs are lеvеled for a flawless transition between songs for a crisp sounding, high-quality music.

Music is a universal language, but when it comes to background music for Hotels, a "one fits all" approach won't work. Business Hotels, Resort Hotels, Casino Hotels, the list goes on. There are many types of hotels for different kinds of visitors. The music you play at your Hotel should reflect your Hotel's identity and its atmosphere.

With the genre selection feature, you can fine-tune the music at your Hotel by excluding genres that do not fit your Hotel's vibe well. These excluded genres, even if they are available in a playlist you scheduled, will never play. You also have the option to exclude songs and artists from your library.

If your Hotel has multiple zones, you can copy the exclusion list to all other zones. Or, you can exclude different genres from different areas of the Hotel. You may want to allow Pop and Rock music at the Hotel's Bar but not in the Lobby area. You have full control over genre selection for all the areas of the Hotel.

We understand that explicit music can hurt your business. With Jukeboxy's detailed explicit lyric screening and tagging, уоu don't have tо wоrrу about hеаring аnу sort of offensive lаnguаgе at your Hotel. We check song lyrics for both profanity and situations that aren't suitable for all ages. Yоu will only hеаr clean and fаmilу-friеndlу music аt уоur Hоtеl with Jukeboxy Music for Business.

We update our playlists weekly; popular music playlists are updated daily. With both new music and repeat protection algorithm, your employees and guests will always hear up-to-date and non-repetitive music.

If you are looking for a soundtrack that is specific to your hotel, we are here to help. We help brands to deliver unique and memorable customer experience through music. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, hotels, coffee shops to pop-up stores have chosen Jukeboxy's music curation service over the years.

Our music curators will work with you to create a unique sound customized to your particular needs that reflects your hotel's identity. Our music curation service is the most affordable and the highest quality in the market.

Jukeboxy also offers a complimentary music programming consultation that is available to all our subscribers. If you are not sure what type of music would go well with your Hotel, Jukeboxy music programming specialists will be available to find the right soundtrack for your Hotel.

With Jukeboxy DJ Set, available in Jukeboxy Manager App, you can create unlimited playlists by genre, mood, tempo, and decade. You can play these DJ sets alone or include them in your weekly auto-play schedule with other playlists. If you have a Spotify or any other personal use service playlists, you can transfer them into your Jukeboxy account.


Funk and Soul Hits All Day
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Mix of Funk and Soul Hits for All Day

Hilton Chill Lobby Music
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Custom Playlist for Hilton

Hotel Lobby Mellow Vibe
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Blend of Bossa Nova, Lounge and Jazz Music

Relaxing Songs

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Mellow Songs for a Relaxing Atmosphere

Wine Bar Lounge Music
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Chill Lounge Music

Coffee House Eclectic

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Eclectic Mix of Easy Listening Songs



Jukeboxy is a hit at my hotels and restaurants! It is important to have great music playing at the appropriate times. I can schedule everything from home for all venues. Popular Vocal Jazz for Breakfast, Easy Listening Office Hour work great for lunch, and a little Blues for dinner. Then when the Lobby winds down for the night it switches automatically to Smooth Jazz. I also have a custom chill acoustic mix that the team at Jukeboxy made for me which plays at our Tiki-Bar.

Sterling Webster, Managing PartnerRamada Plaza Nags Head Oceanfront

The great customer service got my attention but the time Jukeboxy saves me is what I find the most valuable. I definitely recommend Jukeboxy for anyone who wants great music for their guests without the headaches.

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