In-Store Messaging & Audio Advertising

Research suggests that in-store audio advertising is considered more effective than out-of-store advertising to raise product awareness and communicate product benefits.

Did you know that with overhead messaging, you can increase unplanned purchases by 16%?

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In-store audio advertisement or overhead messaging is a powerful marketing strategy in raising product awareness and communicating product benefits with the consumer.

With the right messaging and recording, you can reach out to your customers while they are already at your location and engage them further with your brand and the products. With these messages, you can introduce new products to your customers or announce sales and current promotions.

How many times did you come home from a grocery shop with items that were not on your shopping list? Perhaps, many times! That's because the store influenced your shopping behavior with overhead music and messages without you recognizing it.

Research shows that people retain 95% of a message when they hear it but only 5% when they read it in a text. Another study suggests that we subconsciously hear the overhead music, sounds, and messages, influencing unplanned in-store purchases.

You can start streaming in-store audio advertising at your business within minutes if you already have pre-recorded messages available.

On your Jukeboxy Manager's dashboard, you can upload an unlimited number of messages to stream in between songs. You can choose song frequency from 1 to 10 songs to play the ads or schedule the ads at specific times.

If you don't have pre-recorder messages, we'll be happy to work with you to create professionally recorded ads that will match your brand's identity.

After a quick initial consultation, we will match you with a professional voice talent who will record your messages and we will share the file with you for your approval. Once approved, you will receive the final recording(s) to upload on your Jukeboxy dashboard. If you have multiple accounts, you can upload the same audio ad to all your accounts.

The recordings can be with background music or without. To get an idea, you can listen to the audio ad samples shown below.

Yes, you can! The basic in-store audio messaging service includes scheduling ads in song frequency, from 1 to 10 songs. If you prefer to schedule the ads at certain times, there is a small fee to activate the feature. You can contact us at 844-666-5853 to learn more about the scheduled ads or for all your questions.

Preview Audio Ads

Casino Audio Ad Sample
in-store audio message

Restaurant Audio Ad Sample
audio advertising

Retail Store Ad Sample
in-store audio

University Audio Ad Sample
overhead audio advertising

Grocery Store Audio Ad Sample
audio advertising for business

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